Quilt Poem By David Keali'i

In pairs read the poem to each other

What do you notice about the poem, write down your first impressions of the poem

Come up with a question you would like to ask about this poem

Small History of Hawaii

Hawaii was colonized by the West in the18th century. Native people have suffered all the familiar horrors of contact: massive decrease in Native population, landlessness, forced religion, economic and political marginalization, institutionalization in the military and the prisons, poor health and educational profiles.
When the United States military invaded Hawaii in 1893 and overthrew their constitutional monarchy, their fate as an outpost of the American empire was sealed. Entering the U.S. as a Territory in 1900, the country became a white planter outpost, providing missionary-descended sugar barons in the islands and imperialist Americans on the continent with a military watering hole in the Pacific.
Today, Hawaiians continue to suffer the effects of colonization. Native language was banned in 1896, resulting in several generations of Hawaiians whose only language is English. Native lands and waters have been taken for military bases, resorts, urbanization and plantation agriculture.
Under foreign control, Hawaii has been overrun by settlers: missionaries and capitalists, adventurers and, of course, hordes of tourists, nearly seven million by 1998.
Now, caught in a political system where we have no separate legal status - unlike other Native peoples controlled by the United States- they are by every measure the most oppressed people living in our ancestral homeland.

The colonization of Hawaii. - How does the write show this?

What language features does he use to get his ideas across?

In the last 10 minutes

Discuss the attitude of the writer towards colonization, referring to at least TWO specifc aspects of written texts. (Aspects may include figurative language, syntax, diction, point of view, structure, and narrative style


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