The Book Thief Brianna king

May 4-Exemplary Evaluator

1. He dose not see himself as a practically inspiring to younger kids and teens.

2.He loves to eat outside and interact with nature.

3. He is a dog person but he also has two cats.

4. He used to hate his first name and thought of going by his middle name Frank but he changed his mind.

5.He likes many books and respects other authors.

6. In 2005 he attempted to ready 52 book and he wrote a book called the 53 killers.

7.He completely idolizes Michelangelo.

8.His favorite number is 13.

9.. Markus Frank Zusak born 23 June 1975.

10.He is also an Australian writer.

11.He also wrote the book" I am the Messenger."

12.He also has an German and Austrian ancestry.

13. In 2001 and 2002 he was honored with the "Honour Book" award.

14.He studied English and History at the University of New South Wales, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Education.

15.One of his books "The Book Thief" was made into a movie.

16."I am the Messenger was one of his first books

17.He is 41 and his sign is Cancer.

18. The book thief was in the #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller list for 8 years.

19.He has 3 older siblings.

20. He is married and has two kids.

21.His first book was "The Underdog."

22.He also wrote 200 drafts of "The Book Thief."

23. Death was not his original choice to be the narrator of "The Book Thief."

24. It took Markus 3 years to write "The Book

25.He doudts himself constantly but hje

May 3-Connection Builder

Liesel has so many problems she is constantly put down in the world she lives in. She can´t be herself for it would be called treason. Life now is just the same we either conform to what society believes is right or be an outcast in your own home. Liesel is constantly shown that women are less than males. To this day women are treated fairly an i fear it will never change and we will always be treated unfairly by males.

May 2-Character Captain

May 1-Word Wizard

April 26-discussion director

Hitler would kill anyone harboring Jews during World War 2.

Also people who saved books from the burning were killed for reading things that were considered treason.

If they didn't join the Nazi party they are publicly shunned by the Party members in public.

In certain cases of high treason Hitler would sentence the person to be gassed to death.

In some cases when an average crime was committed against HItler he put them in concentration camps like he did to the Jews.

7 facts of Liesel

She is extremely dedicated to learning how to read more fluently.

Liesel does not really have a religion.

She fears for Max´s life as if was her own.

She was always fearing death for harboring a Jew

All she wishes is to continue her life with Max in the basement with out the worry of being taken away.

She was in danger and she did not even know it for she had blonde hair and BROWN eyes.

She was treated brutally when she first moved to HImmels Street and because she was illiterate she was harassed by the other children.

April 25-Exemplary Evaluator

It could sway someone because books have been proven to lead some people into depression because some books are so life like and sad. They bring lots of joy and sadness. Books are deemed inappropriate by thousands of people for they speak of lies. They put things that are lies to try and turn our generation against their own parents through lies.

April 24-Connection builder

Liesel and myself are very similar in many way different ways. One of the ways we are similar is the fact that we both love to read and have dealt with our fair share of bullies. We also have weathered the same amount of grief for our loved ones that have passed on to the other world. We have very distinctive types of books we like to read and our are very close in the matter of genres. Also we have had to deal with people look down on us but we are actually extremely smart and are actually there superior, but they have yet to see it or they deny the truth. Also we have had our fair share of stealing the gift called reading from those who don't appreciate it.

Character Captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

Discussion Director April 18

My book is the "Book Thief" by Markus Zusak and it's a historical fiction. This book contains a very strange and interesting character by the name of Liesel Meminger. She is a poor child who is torn away from her family. Her little brother dies in his sleep and her mother is taken away by the Nazis. She finds away to close herself off from the outside world by refusing to speak to anyone.

Liesel is shoved into a life she never wanted but is starting to see the good in her new life. She now has a new papa and mama and a little boy as a new friend Rudy. She has interacted with all the children but is still the little illiterate girl who moved onto Himmels street. Her new papa is continuing to try and teach her and slowly she's cracking out of her shell. She still misses her mom and little brother she will move on. Soon she will become the book thief in her truest form.

She has fully grown into life but a little Jew has sneaked his way into her heart. Suddenly falls ill and all she can do is watch. she brings him gifts and dreams of him opening his ans what shes going to say. "This isn't junk, Max. These are what made you wake up" page 321. She can only hope for the best until their is nothing left. But soon their is nothing left but a little girl with a broken heart.

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

The main character is going through so much trouble, pain, and sorrow but she finds her escape in reading and it brings a spark of light to her dark world.

Connection Builder April 13

"The Whispering Town" talks of hiding someone away in the dark. While my book talks of hiding a book in the dark from prying eyes. Both main character have a fear of Nazis and their secret getting out. Both children are clever and find away to hide the things the fear will come out and get in trouble for the danger she's in by keeping their secrets. Also both have people who help them along the way. Oh and they both take place during the Holocaust.

Character Captain April 12


Shy, strong, but confused

She is a lover of books

Who is able to be unseen

she feels hate

she wonders of the world beyond

who fears losing everything

who would like to write

who dreams of all shes lost

believes in a better place


Literary Luminary April 10

  1. ¨Well,¨ was the response,¨we can´t just leave them like this, can we?¨ page 7----How would they even consider leaving them alone somewhere they are very lazy and will try anything to not do any work.
  2. ¨That last time That red sky...¨ page 19---Describing how you see the world death has an interesting view he sees color and the soul the color of the sky and soul are drenched in blood the color red.
  3. ¨A twelve step guide to grave digging success¨ page 29--- A disturbing title but yet to the mind it brings images of death and sadness witch for some is a highly respected honor to bury your loved ones.
  4. ¨She would have no trouble calling him Papa.¨page 35--- She will respect him and have no trouble bringing this man into her life and loving him like a father.
  5. ¨School as you might imagine, was a terrific failure¨ page 39--

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