Discussing Mental Health First we need healthy minds, then anything is possible

Everyone has a story. We all face challenges.

  • Max was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's at an early age. He was bullied.
  • Aiden has been unable to watch his son grow up after a series of breakdowns.
  • Emma struggles to find a doctor who can diagnose her condition.
  • Tarlii has been fighting for better services after the system failed her severely.
  • Nyssa was introduced to drugs by her mother as a teenager.
  • Sarah has tried several prescriptions that have only made things worse.

sharing the journey

I struggled a lot with my mental health as a teenager. I became homeless when my relationship with my parents fell apart. My life got progressively worse over a period of years. Finding less and less reasons to continue, I decided to end my life. My friend caught me just in time. Something about that experience woke me up and I finally realized I needed to change. That's what I'm doing now.

I have a vision

I am interviewing a diverse variety of people and then encouraging them to get involved in producing short films with me to really capture what they are going through in their minds. After I collect enough stories I will create a documentary that will impact people in a really unique way, using creativity and art, rather than objective facts and statistics. Because the experience we have is subjective and that is the real challenge that everyone who is trying to help others is facing. One person can't understand everyone, but everyone can understand themselves.

Tackling Social Issues

I have also begun to discuss social issues that contribute to the challenges some people face which effect their mental health.

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