Robotics Vertical Challenge By Mark Brugger Partners: lance wetta, Nick Young

For this project my group had to make a system to lift 100 grams, then we could try to lift more. With in the rules we were able to 400 grams. Breaking the rules we were able to lift 600 grams. My group consisted of Nick, Lance and I. We used a custom build for this project.

Pseudo Code: Create robot that is supported, Create Tread strip that carries the cup with weight, By using the tread strip, the motors at the top connected to the tread strip, will propel the treads in a circle to lift up the cup with the weight, Theoretically, should work.

our code
The First version of our robot
the second version, we had to extend the base so our treads would touch the chalk board, and we also took off half of our treads, so again, they wouldn't touch the chalk board.


This project made me officially trust the treads more than the tires. The treads worked amazingly for this project. The treads pulled up the 100 grams easily, and as I watched other groups using strings, they looked a lot more unstable than our treads. Our group stuck to our first idea, which was the treads, and completed this project with relative ease. Our only trouble was the chalk board, which our treads repeatedly hit. But after fixing our robot and the program, the chalkboard was no longer a problem.


Created with images by skeeze - "bodybuilder weight training"

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