FAQs: Returning to School Frequently Asked Questions | 2020-2021 School Year

What changes has Bishop Kenny made to slow the spread of COVID-19?

  • Expanded and covered outdoor seating areas for meals to encourage students to go outside during lunch
  • Placed plexiglass instructional barriers in each classroom for teachers and added plexiglass between student computers in lab spaces
  • Spaced classroom desks as best as possible with a conscientious effort to limit class sizes to ensure spacing
  • Equipped each classroom with sanitizing equipment for use by teachers and students
  • Established daily sanitizing routines throughout the day, including full cleaning of classrooms and common areas with Bioesque electrostatic sprayers each evening
  • Adopted a contactless hall pass system that will also allow the school to limit the number of students out of class and in particular restrooms

What are the requirements for face masks?

All students and staff members must wear a face mask at all times except when consuming meals or participating in physical exercise. Students masks must be solid in color (black, white, or gray) with no designs, writing, or texture; masks must cover the nose and mouth.

What will happen during class change?

The expectation is that all students and staff will wear face masks at all times. Administrators and deans will be in the hallways during class change to maintain compliance with the face mask policy and to help provide a steady flow of students to/from class.

How can parents help?

  • Monitor your child’s health and if he or she is experiencing any symptoms of illness, keep the student at home.
  • Make wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing while in public a family habit.

What happens if a student is positive for COVID-19 or suspected of having the virus?

If you suspect your child had been exposed to COVID-19 or you observe your child had COVID-related symptoms or your child tests positive for COVID, you must keep your child at home from school and contact Mrs. Janet Olinto immediately by calling 904-398-7545 ext. 233 or jolinto@bishopkenny.org.

Once alerted, the principal will contact the Superintendent of Schools, activating the Diocese of St. Augustine COVID reporting protocol, formulated in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health. The principal will receive guidance and direction from the superintendent and the health department, communicating to families as directed.

What will happen if my child has to self-quarantine due to COVID-19 infection or exposure?

The Office of School Counseling will work with each family to develop a learning plan for those students who must self-quarantine so that they may continue to receive instruction and complete coursework while in isolation. Because each case may vary, more specific details will be shared individually with each family dependent on the situation.

If there is a need to close the Bishop Kenny campus, how will distance learning work?

Please review the Instructional Continuity Plan included in our Return to School plan, linked below.

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