Evergreens Throughout the Years Photos of senior evergreens from lower, middle, and upper campus

Bela Pimpalkhare

Bela munches on a frosted sprinkle cookie while dressed in a pretty pink for Valentine’s Day.
Bela puts on her thinking cap during her fourth-grade field trip to the California Academy of Sciences.
Bela spends time with fellow Evergreen Evie during her freshman retreat.

Eric Burton

Eric smiles at the camera after celebrating Valentine’s Day in kindergarten.
Eric practices basketball while playing at a trampoline park.
Eric puts his sandcastle-building abilities to the test during his Freshman Retreat.

Ethan Stangenes

Dressed as Mario, Ethan celebrates Halloween in first grade.
Ethan performs in his fifth-grade production, the “Headless Horseman.”
Ethan looks formal while wearing his suit during one of his high school years on Upper Campus.

Justin Stangenes

On Lower Campus, Justin excels at the arts and crafts.
Justin slays the mic while performing at Middle Campus.
Embracing his love of the performing arts, Justin stands on the outdoor Upper Campus stage.

Evie Fick

Evie dresses as a witch to add some spookiness to her Halloween celebration in kindergarten.
In third grade, Evie beams while standing with her friend.
Carrying her radiant grin with her throughout the years, Evie poses for her senior portrait.

Kiki Bailey

Kiki eats a quick snack to celebrate Valentine's Day in kindergarten.
Kiki demonstrates his epic basketball skills on Valentine’s Day.
Kiki has tons of fun at the beach on his Freshman Retreat.

Karla Hernandez-Cid

In kindergarten, Karla giggles amongst the plants.
Karla strikes a pose as she smiles for her school photo in fourth grade.
Karla is ready to play for the win on the Pinewood Tennis Team.

Sid Samel

Sid’s flair for acting began as early as kindergarten.
Even Bob the Builder can't compete with Sid’s construction skills.
A Pinewood evergreen, Sid stands next to an evergreen tree.

Tara Adlpavar

Tara acts her heart out for her first-grade play, “Stone Soup.”
In the “Big Bad Musical” from sixth grade, Tara embraces her inner Little Red Riding Hood.
Tara is all dressed up for her 2019 Winter Formal.