Stars & Constellations Business plan, revenue model and returns

That’s one of our account on Apple store.
This product is being sold now on store(it’s in app pro version)
This is our another account on Apple AppStore.
This product will be next we will setup for promotions hence making sales like Stars & Constellations app.
Revenue Stars & Constellations app made in august.
Revenue Stars and Constellations app made in September till date.
That’s payment cycle, we get revenue of august by October 1st week.
Received revenue of August month.
Revenue of September
Revenue of October
Revenue from November
Revenue of December (account 1)
Revenue of December (account 2)
Revenue of January (account 2)
Revenue of January (account 1)
Revenue of February (Account 1)
Revenue of February (Account 2)

Of amount spent on promotions, in approx 4 months app makes 70-80% profit on invested amount.

For Example : If you’ve invested in September, you’ll get it 20% return on invested amount in January first week. 1.20 lacs if 1 lac invested.

Total 4 months plan.