Lockheed Martin By Randall Marley



What Lockheed Martin Does

About Lockheed Martin

Why I Am Interested In Lockheed Martin


Over 100 years ago the Lockheed brothers and Glenn L. Martin both formed separate companies with similar visions of innovation, performance, and purpose.

In 1995 Lockheed and Martin Marietta combine to form Lockheed Martin

What Lockheed Martin Does

They are a Security, Innovation, and Aerospace Company, who mainly does business with the U.S Department of Defense and various other agencies.

Their Mission:

"We solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative solutions to help our customers keep people safe."

About Lockheed Martin

  • Headquarters in Bethesda Maryland
  • Over 97,000 employees in over 590 facilities all over the country and in 70 countries world wide
  • Fortune 500 Company

Why I Like Lockheed Martin

  • Their vision to be the global leader in security and scientific discovery.
  • The opportunity to work all over the world
  • Their research in emerging technologies and space flight.


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