Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession. Psalm 2:8

Godly men are rising in the city of Roxas! And we ask you to continue to stand with us and I plead you to not give up in fighting for our youth. Together, we will fulfil the Commission of the Lord. Let our partnership be strengthened as you send and as I work in the mission field.

Ezekiel Magbanua, one of the Electrical Engineering students at Capiz State University.
I can still remember visiting Filamer Christian University and saw him there with filthy shirt. He stopped schooling during the first semester of 2014 because his family cannot sustain his studies. He wanted to finish his studies and so he helped his father in the construction in the said university. But God has greater plans for him. Indeed, God intervened! He got a scholarship last year and went to school again. Now, he is being trained to teach kids on a Sunday, and speak in front through exhortation and share encouragement in the tithe and offering. He was also given a chance to talk and pray to the kids who were recipient of Gift Giving last December 10, 2016.

Edzel "Bogs" Bugo, Criminology student of Filamer Christian University. He is our version of Coco Martin in Roxas.

He is also one of the Real Life Foundation scholars. His dream to graduate this 2017 is at hand. He makes people laugh naturally and his joy is very contagious. I once asked him "Bogs, don't you know that you are very funny?! Are you in nature funny?" He answered, " Yes Ate, I know that I am very funny. But I was once full of sadness, troubles and misery before Real Life Foundation came. I was grateful I was given a chance to know Jesus Christ. After knowing Jesus Christ, my life was not the same." Now, he is joining me to go in the campuses (as my partner in the field) since he got alot of free time this second semester.
Thank you for praying for Zaldy Dalmacio, Accounting Technology student in Filamer Christian University. Glory to God! He decided to follow Jesus for the rest of his life and will transition to volunteering in the church. He gave up his religiosity and was elected as President of EN Campus FCU. Please continue to pray for him that he will become a man God has called him to be. He also wanted to start his own small group soooooner!
RJ Francisco, Architecture student at Capiz State University.
He got impressions like "a man of few words", "deep-thinker" and "very silent". But now, he is one of the passionate students I have known here. Praise God that he gained confidence in the person of Jesus Christ. Please continue to uphold him in prayer. He is my brother and he wants to be a missionary like me. I have never pushed this calling to him nor brought it to him during our conversations. He answered the call during the Leaders' Convergence in Cebu last June 2016. Very early to tell. Yet while waiting, may he continue to be a man of excellence in his studies, in thoughts, in words and in deeds.

We are also claiming that Roxas is our inheritance. This will be a city where we can raise not only the leaders of our nation but apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, teachers, intercessors and missionaries to the nations.

Mary Diastine Basas, one of the small group leaders and AB Political Science student at Filamer Christian University. We perceived her as a woman of influence which turned out to be prophetic with the story below.
The girl on her left is also Diastine. One time, while we were doing our regular campus outreach, we saw this girl in FCU. She had the same department with one of our leaders in the university.
I noticed, she had the same name (with the same spelling) with one of our students and so I asked her who gave her that name. I told her that her name and the Diastine that we know were exactly similar. To have the same name is common but to have the same spelling, very unusual. She told me that her mother gave her that name. Then she told us this story (in English version): My mother was once working as an assistant of a doctor in one of the private hospitals in Roxas City. There was this baby girl who keeps coming back in that hospital because she's sickly and she got to assist her often. She found the baby cute and was fascinated by her name. She told herself "Someday, when I am going to have a baby, I would name her also Diastine." Two years later, when my mother got pregnant (with me) and she named me Diastine, just the same with the baby she found cute.... After her story, I asked her "Do you know the meaning of Diastine?" She said "No" and she did not even had a slight idea that it has a meaning. Originally, Diastine is a combination of the names of her parents - Dia and Constantine. Though her mother wasn't able to copy the full name of the baby: Mary Diastine, she still was amazed that her name had actually a meaning.
They met that day and both of them were amazed on how God brought them together in the same university. This new Diastine that we had met that day was able to attend our small group that same day. Please continue to pray for her that she and her friend will continue to attend and will also follow Jesus for the rest of their lives.

I cannot help myself but share this amazing story on how God made one of our students here become very influential!

We are expecting more amazing stories and miracles in the next years to come!

To the Lord Jesus Christ be the glory forever and ever. Amen!

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