my grade 9 self christian subject

Before my physical education at LDSS, I would work out for rodeos, i would run and do yoga and work hard on my core muscles so that when it came to going my event at a rodeo I wouldn't pull muscles or hurt myself in any other way. When i wasn't running or doing yoga, i would lunge my horse which consists if you walking in a small circle while the horse goes around you.


In my fitness testing the first time for my 12 minute run and plank i didn't do ver. But when i wasn't at school i worked on getting my body stronger and i started running even more and doing core workouts. From doing all this i almost doubled my score on the plank and for the 12 minute run i almost tripled my distance.i think that it changed so much cause i took it into my own hands to make sure my score improved.

Field hockey

Field hockey was really challenging for me since in left handed and all their sticks are right handed, you couldn't even turn the stick around. It was hard to hit the ball in the grass and even sometimes someone would miss the ball and accidentally hit your legs, which really hurt. I think the most difficult aspect to learn was to turn the stick to hit the ball in other directions because you can only hit the ball on one side of the stick.

Track and field

If i were on the listowel lightings track and field team, I would most likely go in long jump. i would go in long jump because i'm not a very strong runner and i could never get triple jump down. I would work on my jump, i would go and practice my jump and my running. I would find a spot and set it up to the right measurements and practiced every chance i got.


If I were to reach someone how to hut. I would first show them the proper way to stand, with your knees bent slightly and bending down properly. Then show them how to hold the ball while preparing to throwing it. Then how to aim it at them and how to throw it.


I think volleyball is a faour for most students because to me it's one of the sports where you don't have to the best at sports and you can still be good at volleyball. If i weren on a volleyball team and a team mate was struggling with something, i would tell them to practice every chance they got, or to help them improve if you were good at that skill.


I would rather play singles because I'm better at working at stuff alone. I find it helps you work on skills that aren't very good. I also found it easy because I found with a partner that I would want to go to my partners side and hit the bird


Making important decisions are important in your high school life because if you make a wrong choice it will follow you throughout your whole high school life. People could makeup rumours, and ruin your reputation. They could bully you and that can lead to more problems.


My advice is don't worry about what people think of you, just be you. Work hard on your school work, ask for help if needed, help others. Don't let your social life get in the way of your school work but still make sure you have fun.


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