Meat-Up A Carnivorous cut

I love animals, I do. Technically I am one. I think. Except that I know of, we're not high on the preferred eating list. I'd stake a fiver cannibals simply don't have access to planet McD as such one of the few areas we're on the menu. Hell, even sharks typically only taste us.

As I said I love animals. Other than ears of corn and eyes on potatoes, it's easy to disassociate ourselves from vegetables having any consciousness. For the record, I have many dogs, cats, birds, and fish with first names I considered family members. I've never, however had a lettuce named sparky I'd walk daily yet it is a living organism. (Can't they at least have a scream?)

"Is there a point to all this?"

Umm yes. My point is I love animals but I also eat meat. I've seen the cruelty to meat as a business and there are some I cannot ever eat again. But dood, it's so good and please be mindful that you may not hear the veggies scream they die just the same.

Please pass the BBQ sauce and have a nice day.

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