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The future trend of travel market is clear. The traditional one-size-fits-all itineraries will no longer suffice consumers appetite. As an emerging generation of free independent travelers has been seeking diversified, independent, and more unique travel experiences, many startups in the recent 2 years have been targeting such demand.

To offer the ultimate travel solution, and to satisfy travel demand, save travel planning time, and in order to enrich travel choices for consumers, Fungogo endeavors to provide smarter platforms and tools with learning algorithm through the internet, technology and features in order to create he ultimate next-generation travel sharing and economy.

Fungogo Team

The core value of Fungogo is the people. The whole team defines the very open minded and agile culture of Fungogo. The company was founded by the sole purpose to develop a product which could solve people's travel needs. Each individual strive hard to define themselves and deliver what it takes to make our platform unique. At Fungogo we want everyone to feel valuable by letting them find and do what they really like and do at their best. They will find their own core values and gain recognition, and build up their career through Fungogo's resources and support. Our goal is to deliver the best platform to fulfill the needs of travelers. We want to let everybody find information much easier and be able to create any schedule they want, and share it with the world, so not only they but also everyone else, can realize their dream experience. We want our platform to be the only portal you need - Where Adventures Begin!



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