Traditions Limit Growth Traditions limit the growth of younger generations


Tradition is something that affects everyone no matter the society or culture. Passed down, you cannot avoid tradition. Tradition is shown throughout the novel A Hand Full of Stars by Rafik Schami. The main character is forced to work in his father's bakery, since the father was forced to work in his father's bakery. Our artistic products show how tradition limits growth in different ways; in jobs, degree of selfishness, education of students in the Middle East and how religious traditions are perceived. Religion is interpreted in many different ways. Studies show religion can be understood in two major ways - a radical side and traditional side. Thirty percent of college graduates are under-employed. A majority of selfishness comes from the family who teaches selfishness. Currently, 40% of all children across the region are not receiving an education due to the conflict.

The purpose of this magazine is to show how tradition limits the growth of younger generations. We saw how tradition limits growth and displayed these trends in this magazine. You will find three poems that explore the job market, selfishness, and education. You will also find a painting that shows the tradition of religion and the radical side of religion. Throughout reading this magazine we hope you gain insight on how tradition limits growth.

Table of Contents


"The Two Sides of Religion" by Lilia Wiltshire

Poetry by Patrick O'Neill

"A Fresh Start"

"Polar Opposites"

"Two Viewpoints"

"Mrs. Degree"

"Middle East Education"


Poetry by Logan Polauch


"No School"

"How Lucky I Am"

"New Beginning"

"What the People Want"

"Harsh Times"

"It Will Be Okay"

Poetry by Kyle Mehl

"'This' is Tradition"

"The Limit is the Sky, But Where Does it End?"

"What We Must Ask"


Artwork analysis

My piece is called the two sides of religion. I used acrylic paint and canvas. People view religion by what they see on the news. They let that influence their thoughts on the Islamic religion. This painting shows how religious tradition can be interpreted versus how it is actually practiced. One artistic element I used in the painting shows one side of tradition. I showed a woman wearing a hijab and then a man praying on a prayer mat. That side of the painting represents Islamic religious traditions and how they are practiced. Another artistic element I used is showing on the other side of the painting it shows Islamic radicalism. I used a hand with a knife and the burning of an American flag. I picked the knife and the flag and used them as symbols because some people think of those symbols when they think of radical Islam. My final artistic element is that I used contrast and colors. Using contrast and colors to show the division between the two sides. The orange and yellow colors show the radical side of the Islam religion. The gray side shows the dull part of religion. Religious tradition can be interpreted versus how it is actually practiced. I found that religion is interpreted and radicalized. Creating this piece showed me that there's a different story than what you see on the news. Creating this really opened my eyes.


By Patrick O'Neill

A Fresh Start

A world apart

An educational restart

Outdated information

Leads to a generation of degradation

We must take this to heart

Polar Opposites

Polar Opposites

Compare Metropolis

Both Following Tradition

Limits competition

More than just hypothesis

Two Viewpoints

My parents tell me

Work hard

Get a degree

The rat race goes on with little regard

My parents tell me

Follow the beaten trail

For then it’s easier to see

How to scale and prevail

The proven way

Is not always best

And the popular path

Needs to be put to rest

Marginal returns

Disqualify the earns

Mrs. Degree

She goes to college and gets a Mrs degree

He, the army, then work to feed his family

A world apart

He skips the army to an advanced degree

He and she work to feed their family

A college degree should open the door

Workplace harassment goes on ignored

High intellectuals are home running things

Absent from politics and the associated power rings

Middle East education

Poor education

Disconnected government

Unskilled unprepared


A healthy mix

Of different economies

Could fix

Educational monopolies

A educational reform

To Prepare us for society

Re-establish the norm

Current education is impropriety

Educate past generations

A similarity between continents

The need for re education

Promotes workplace competence

To find a solutions

We must reassess our institutions

Author's comments

"I focused on exploring the differences between the two educational systems, the U.S. and the Middle East. In the U.S. we are oversaturated with college graduates, while we need people in traditional jobs (electrician, carpenter, plumber, etc.) This is due to outdated advice from parents that grew up in a different economy. In the Middle East, there is an opposite problem, there are no college graduates and an over saturation of traditional jobs. The main issue in the Middle East seems to be that the educational system does not prepare the students for the workforce, and most jobs teach the workers the skills they need on the job. I found it incredibly interesting that we are a world apart with such similar issues."


By Logan Paluch


Wrongful education system

Kids don’t go to school

They work uneducated

No School

The kids never get taught

So they always fought

They never had to strive

So they always felt deprived

Kids get away with bad things even if they get caught

How Lucky I am

Born a U.S. citizen

Educated for 12 or more yours

Getting more and better education

for free from a school

Never worrying about if I’ll be okay at the end of the day.

Don’t have to work each day supporting my family,

Paid minimal for hard labor

Years and years of working

Never doing anything with my life

From just by living in a different place

New Beginning

Finally have the chance to leave this place

I can imagine how great school will be

Imagine the future in my life,

Starting over a new life

Like a bird hatching from an egg again

But more like a chance of dice

Not knowing if it'll be good or bad

Being the age of 19

I know a thing or two

Working my whole life

It'll be a different kind of work

This time I'll be enjoying it

Never again will I be sad

Without a dad

To push and support

But just a chance to be something

What the People Want

Minimal schools

Financially supported

Build us more schools

Harsh Times

Adults have been working there whole lives

They can barely support their wives

All of their time is spent at work

When they take there anger out they seem like a jerk

But all in all it's just to survive

It Will Be Okay

I've only been to school for 2 years

It brings me to tears

It's the only place i feel safe

Besides going up to space

I know my parents care

But i never see them so I do a prayer

That tonight is the night

Everyone will be alright

Authors comments

"The point of the poems made is to show the way of the education system in the middle east how it is so much less than other places. Kids having certain traditions following what there parents want to limit there learning ability. I tried showing what it is like to not have learning ability and how different it is from what we have."


By Kyle Mehl

"This" is Tradition

They are with us at all times

They are apart of us

They provide a representation

Traditions come in variety

From the past to the present

From all gains and losses

From the minds of the flourishing and deceit

Traditions will limit and cause chaos

Breaking through from the weak minded

Some are found helpless

More are found effortless

But who?

But what?

Where does "this" come from?

The Limit is The Sky, But Where Does it End?

This is the reason

This is the cause

If the world tells it right, there must be more laws

Selfishness is weak, but has a powerful affect

Trust holds power, but shows one way

What is your tradition?

What will you say?

Traditions have no limit

Resulting in pain

Where can one grow in a space not provided?

It starts with a problem, which leads to another

One weak soul in need of solution

Turns to tradition to fill a need

A bad creation; now twisting the blade

From selfishness, traditions thrive

The cycle repeats again

What We Must Ask

Made for a reason?

From selfishness or not?

Limiting but who?

It could be dangerous

It will cause harm

But when you need to provide

Anything will be done

Trickery is shameful

But when value is on the line

A solution will be found

Tradition is convincing

Guilt grows like a wild fire

Sacrifice is normal right?

There must be no doubt

But what will rise?

But who will shout?

This is for me

This is needed

And rebellion won't even be seen

Selfish? Maybe, but the future isn't a problem

Authors comments

"Finding traditions created from selfishness. There are story's from across the world that don't express where these traditions come from. Selfishness is a main cause and people deserve to know and understand why. Maybe this will show people a solution to the problem."


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Created with images by Iqbal Osman1 - "Map, Middle East" • - "Yeusefiya Cemetery" • - "Kneel before Al Khazneh!"

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