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In order to live mindfully, we must stay in the present moment. Nothing takes you into the Now quicker than doing art work. Art Play Date is a weekly gathering, where you will learn various techniques to express yourself artfully, use as a active meditation, relieve stress and find your inner artist (we all have one)!

The goal of these classes is not to have you make one painting, or one technique. The goal is for you to develop the tools and creativity to create for a lifetime.

When we have our Dates

Tuesday's 7-9 pm

January-March, April-July, September-November

Four Seasons Clubhouse (in warm weather, on the patio)

There are lots of supplies you will need, but don't worry, you don't need them all at once. Although topics are already chosen, once we learn the basics and get rolling, the group will determine the project for the following week. And remember, creating art doesn't have to cost a fortune.

We often tell ourselves this story. Think of it this way. Every single day, you are creating and illustrating your life. You create the outfit you wear each morning. Your job more often than not, will offer you many situations where you must be creative in handling an issue or finding a solution. Every evening when you fix yourself dinner, you are creating something. Everyone is creative! It's our emotions and interactions that bring the illustrations. Here, you will learn how to put all that on paper. So let go of that story, get the paint out and let's create. You'll do great!

What you need to start out with for the first few weeks follows. You will need more supplies as time goes on and will be given a list each week. Many of the items are things you already have at home! In addition, many will be supplied since we are just experimenting. Although I highly recommend using Golden Paints and Mediums, it is not required you purchase them. Work within your own budget.....the important part is you have fun and learn how to use art as a form of Mindfulness.

Acrylic Paint in primary colors

A packet of multi purpose brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes

A sketch book with sturdy paper or a pad of watercolor paper and acrylic paper. I recommend a sketch book to keep all your artwork in one place.

A sturdy plastic gift card

White Gesso

Hair Dryer (with limited time, we'll need to accelerate drying times!)

Golden Soft Gel. We will use this for lots of things!

Matte Medium (we'll use this alot too!)

Jar or cup for water and spray bottle

Latex gloves, if you don't want to mess up that perfect manicure!


We get messy! Please wear old clothes!

What will we do on our Dates?

Acrylic Painting Basics: In this first class, we will create backgrounds and textures with everyday objects. We will become familiar with acrylic paint, learning about drying time, how to "open" them up for more working time, play with mixing colors and learning the many ways to create texture using just water and a plastic gift card. Lots of imagination is required for this.

Day one of Class 2012

Glazing Basics: In this class, we will take our work from Acrylic Painting Basics and learn what glazing is, how to use glazing to enhance our work and why you need to use it and how it will change your artful life!

Lana's Acrylic and Glazing. Beautiful! Class of 2014

Utilizing Mediums for Ahh-mazing Results: We will explore and play with different acrylic mediums to create texture, gloss, depth, finishing and anything else you want to try. (Mediums furnished for this class)

Abstract painting: Abstract art isn't just throwing down paint. In this class we will learn about giving a "rhyme and reason" to the chaos and how to draw the viewers eye around the painting. It's also a fantastic exercise to learn how to think outside the box. WeAre you the next Jackson Pollack? Mark Rothko? Picasso? Lets find out!

Watercolor Basics: Can't draw a tree? Think again! You will learn a simple way to paint trees with an everyday object. We will also learn how to create gradients and other fun, easy tricks.

Erin's fall tree. Class of 2014.

Watercolor Blotch Flowers

Painting with a hair dryer: Yes, you read that right! Learn how to manipulate watercolor and acrylic paint with your trusty hair dryer.

Homemade Brushes and Mark Making Tools: Use everyday objects, items from nature and kitchen utensils to create dynamic art. In this class we will make our own brushes to start a foundation for a painting and add to it with mark making tools. These items will be supplied.

Artwork with Carpenters Stuff: Using just Fiberglass Repair Fabric (supplied), we will create textured funky artwork.

Rachel's great piece using fiberglass repair fabric

How to make stencils, masking and stamps: For this, you will need a cutting board and an exact knife. We will make stencils out of cardboard and learn how to waterproof them so you can continue to use them. Learn how to use foam to make stamps and simple masking techniques to add interesting layers to your work.

Making decorative tissue paper for Collage: Sure you can by it, but wouldn't it be more personal if you create your own? By using tissue paper and matte medium you can create durable paper for collage and even wrapping presents! In this class we will use stamps, acrylic paint, embroidery thread and lots of other everyday items to make beautiful paper.

Mixed Media Collage: Create a visual story using all the techniques we have learned so far. We will also learn how to use Golden Soft Gel to transfer images from a magazine to your paper, to create interesting effects.

Christie's fun Mixed Media collage, using stencils, acrylic paint, and paper scraps. Can you tell she likes coffee? Class of 2013

Finally, lets use what we've learned and decorate our sketchbook: Take the time now that you are a confident artist and let's get that book looking snazzy!

Summer Food Fest: We all bring our families and friends, eat, laugh, share our work, get our cholesterol in the quadruple digits, then moan about how full we are! But, it's so much fun!

We picked an ethnic food theme to celebrate our ancestry (yummy). August 2013

Gesso, Pastels and Charcoals: A match made in heaven. We will be making a collage and adding color with pastels, gesso and charcoals...all mixed together for a beautiful matte effect.

Dealing with Creative Blocks: Learn some interesting and fun techniques to break out of a block; like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet and taking a walk (yes, we will do this) and why it works.

Typeography: Take your own handwriting and turn it into art! We will collage and use acrylics to make a background and apply the techniques you've learned on one page.

Ardis's work, she does love twenty five things, she wanted to finish it at home. Class of 2013.

Smart Phone Photography: "The best camera is the one you have in your hand". We'll go for a walk in the park and find interesting things to shoot. Learn how to use different angles, zooming in for texture, cropping for beautiful results, gain an "eye" for taking dynamic images and try out some free apps to enhance your photos.

Adobe Mix and Adobe Fix: Take your smartphone images to a whole new level using these two free apps. We will learn how to use these apps for innovative photos that will amaze your friends.

Some weeks we will finish up artwork! Or just have play time to share what we've done.

These classes are taught by Brenda Holmes Thomson, a self taught artist with thirty years experience. For more information or any questions, please contact me at 620-757-3558. $15 per class and class size is limited to twelve people, so you can have more individualized instruction.

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