Lizzie McGuire: Preteen Parables Brianna Baran

Chaos. Boy problems. Platform shoes. That's all it takes to sum up the life of preteen Lizzie McGuire and her cohorts in crime, Miranda Sanchez and David "Gordo" Gordon. For three years, Lizzie was a role model for young girls handling the difficulties of everyday life and teaching through the teeny-bopper version of a parable. As discussed in class, the idea of a parable is the extension of a metaphor into a narrative to learn a applicable lesson. With that in mind, Lizzie's adventures through the halls of Hillridge Junior High taught young viewers everywhere the importance of taking advantage of both the good and bad in life and looking for the lesson within it all. These parables became an influential part of my childhood that continue to play a part in the way I live my life today.

When I was younger, there was always a light at the end of the tunnel that was a week of school. That was Friday night. Why did I look forward to Friday? Obviously because school was done for two days, but more importantly on Friday nights for half an hour Lizzie and her crew would bravely solve some difficulty plaguing their friendships and families. Every Friday night was an opportunity for my 2nd grade self to experience the wild world of middle school. The best part of the show? The friendships. Watching the show clearly showed the importance of support, understanding and empathy. In almost every episode Lizzie would find her friends helping her through life's difficulties even if they couldn't understand what she was going through. Just as Jack tried to understand what Parry was experiencing in "The Fisher King", Lizzie's friends Miranda and Gordo would regularly struggle to understand Lizzie was going through. But in both instances, stepping back and placing themselves into others' shoes they were able to help one another, but also grow for themselves.


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