6 things about a ASE and EVT Diesel mechanic By, Dillon Homer

1. Certifactions

Automotive Service Excellence also know as the ASE is one of the two requirements to service all automotive vehicles. Emergency Vehicle Technician is a certification for working on all Emergency vehicles. Also a requirement to service the Vehicles legally. Also the more certification that you get over time people will trust you're input on what to fix and how to fix it. But what is more important is experience the more experience you have the better you are able to figure out the problems with the vehicle that you are working on.

2. Mobile Repair Shop

Being a diesel mechanic or a mechanic in general not every client is going to be able to come to you're shop. You have to be ready and willing to go the long haul to give the client the best care you have give. At my job we have a trailer full of tools with all the necessary equipment to do any job at hand. We go all over the State of Colorado. We also have clients in Wyoming and Kansas. All the travel we do is by driving we can have one 30 minutes away one time then the next we have to drive 6+ hours to get to the client.

3. In house Repairs

There is a time and a place when you are not able to accomplish the job at the clients. Most major jobs are too much to keep it at the clients so you will have to transport the vehicle to the shop. The Shop is were all employes are able to work on the vehicle at hand. Most of these jobs take days or weeks to finish. It can go from fixing the suspension on a Pierce to scaling the hole frame of a truck and then repainting it without taking the truck fully apart.

4. Parts

Parts are the death of projects when you have a lot of them to do and not the time and the space for them to stay for a period of time. Potential places you can get parts for vehicles, are NAPA, Kenworth, Cummings, Ford, Dodge, International, Light House, ect. I say parts are the death because you can get parts soon as you walk into the parts store or you have to wait 1 day or 2 to 3 weeks later depending on how fast the company can get it to you and what part it is. Whatever truck you are working on once you order the parts then you need to call the client and inform then on the updated estimated time the vehicle will be done. Getting parts from the dealerships or manufactures are most likely the place you will get the parts you are looking for.

5. Pump Testing

Pump Testing is when we test all fire trucks that have pumps on them and make sure they can still put out the required GPM(gallons per minute). Essentially you have one truck at a time and one porter tank, and a testing trailer. At first you have to do a dry vac. test that makes sure that there are no air leaks in the pump. If so the truck has failed already if it meets a certain amount. Pump testing is essential for all Fire Departments to have done on a yearly basics. Possibility of catastrophic failure on a call with the pump is high if it does not get inspected and tested every so often.

6. Ladder Inspections

Ladder Inspection can go from ground ladders that are 6-32 ft high. Or it can be a ladder truck that is 50-110 ft high. Ladder inspections are just as important or more then pump testing, because ladders can get high into the air with multiple people on the tip of the ladder or in the bucket. Ladders are used to gain access into areas that may be blocked on the inside and the only way to gain access is to go through a window from the outside. Most ladders have a 500 pound tip limit. That means only 500 pounds of any one or anything on the tip need to be under 500 pounds or the ladder may break. Ladder Trucks are dangerous to operate if you are not trained properly to operate them. Power lines, or objects that the ladder may hit in rotate can cause significant damage to the ladder and the truck. There are multiple tests that are performed on ladders to make sure that they are in full operating potential.

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