Chow down on a southern style brunch while sipping one of the best bloody Mary’s in town.

Wander in awe at an incredible collection of motorcycles before grabbing beers and playing pool.

Sample flights of beer and relax on the porch of a local brewery.

Garage Company is the brain child of Yoshi Kosaka. He’s been tinkering with bikes in LA for 32 years but believe it or not he was formerly a dental appliance engineer in Japan.
Stop 1

Brunch with the perfect amount of Southern Charm.

• 11:30am to 2pm •

Like a beautiful brunching beacon Middlebar shines a light on your morning amid the future chaotic promenade of Market St. The incredibly friendly owner, Corey, makes you feel welcome as you make your way inside the wooded, comfortable confines. The first decision for a drink is a no brainer as you realize everyone is handling a bloody Mary. When your perfectly balanced tomato concoction complete with house-pickled veggies arrives the real challenge lays ahead: your main course. This is one of those “everything on the menu is good” places but you have to opt for a crepe appetizer with anything. The biscuits, the potatoes, even the jam is savored til the last morsel is licked from your plate. When you look up from your plate you’ll realize time has gone by and it’s your moment to head out exploring.

⚠️ Warning: Unfortunately Middlebar closed nonworries, hop on into Dulan's for some legendery soul food.

Stop 2

Instantly become a motorhead...Then stick around for a bit

• 2:30pm to 3:30pm •

After slowly passing by lined up motorcycles and a tattoo parlor on a random side street you realize you’ve made it to your destination. You slowly walk up to the motorcycle shop before seeing a “Welcome” sign and realize it’s cool to enter the Garage Company. You’re meander through a litany of motorcycles before realizing this place is actually a working bike shop. Elvis statues rise above 1950’s café cruisers and custom choppers beyong Betty Boop and racing figurines. After you’ve wandered the entire shop you happily realize there’s a pool table and a bar before finding Yoshi, the guy in charge. He’s more then happy to sell you a beer and set you up on the pool table for some games. Amidst shooting 8 ball, upping your Insta story and realizing the place is impossible to capture on film you find old articles of Yoshi from motorcycle mags hanging on the wall. Turns out he was a national champ in the early 90s…and there couldn’t be a cooler cat around. After a few yarns and games you’ll be ready to tackle a much bigger beast, a 6,600 sq/ft bright orange brewery.

Stop 3

Grab a pint or two or five

• 3:30pm til you’re ready for home •

A bright orange building screams it’s presence as you walk down the street. Heading to the back of this extra large warehouse the feeling of not knowing what lays ahead is quelled when you turn the corner and see the incredibly cool and islandey vibe patio of Tortugo Brewing Company Couples drink pints while playing connect four amidst buddy’s watching the football game on the multiple TVs. It's as if to say “this is the perfect place to enjoy a beer, you’re welcome.” The bartender happily welcomes you to try a beer and possibly a bagel for free. Oh the joys of your community brewery. If it’s Sunday you could be lucky enough to meet Annie the breweries brandsake but on any day you can catch the talkative and friendly owner Joe who is more than happy to show you around. With pint in hand and friendly faces all around you might think about cruising to this part of town a little more.

Bonus: If you want to keep the brew tour running head down the road to Three Weavers Brewing.