Newsletter MAY 2019



This deservedly well supported tradition did not stop 55 members enjoying the landscape and challenges of Europa on Sunday 5/5, an extra attraction doubtless being the fact that it was a competition sponsored in the main by The Cruise Market, supported in style by Caviar House. When did anyone last enjoy caviar and champagne mid round? Their stall at the back of tee 10 was a very popular watering hole and a talking point on this bodacious day.

Jack, Jasmine, and the goodies.

Nor should we forget our own refreshment ladies. Alison Moore and Judi Lentelink were to be found close to the road side junction and either side of a table groaning under the weight of an assortment of drinks, many of them alcoholic. Unfortunately, and this is my fault, the two pictures I took to illustrate this piece, failed! Sorry ladies, but the results would have done you no favours.

See what it means, ladies?

George Kirk and this scribbler go back awhile but our four ball was made the more enjoyable by the presence of Keith Luxon and Marc de Jonghe, both relatively new and little known figures as yet. By the end of their third pint afterwards one felt somewhat closer. Keith hails originally from Jersey but now has abodes in more exotic regions, including Horizon Golf here. A sturdily built frame enabled him to power the ball vast distances. Marc was no slouch off the tee either but it took him a few holes to get his game under control. Like 14 or 15 ! George was concentrated, as ever, carefully prepared, and generous with his putting advice. One hesitates to think what he reported back to Alison.

Afterwards the Cruise Market team made a nice presentation before John Deverell, their Director in charge, gave away some very generous prizes to the following:

1st with 57.8 points Mervi Linderborg & Rob Garner.
2nd with 60.7 points Pauline Hilliard & Seppo Jaaskelainen.
3rd with 61.1 points Kate Bradley & Jan Debrauwer.

The day’s format was Two Ball Texas Scramble with a minimum of six drives per player. A change from the norm but most seemed to enjoy it.

One who certainly went home happy, was popular Liisa Lindstrom who won lunch for two on a luxury cruise ship in Málaga harbour thanks to her being nearest the pin on the 10th.
Other NTP winners were Kate Bradley and Seppo Jaaskelainen on the 18th but, before you protest, based on the second shot!
The male NTP on the 10th, fittingly alongside Liisa, was Seppo, last seen searching for a bottle carrier.
Hole 9 brought NTP rewards for Dorothée Schmidt and Peter Bradley.

Towards the end, and as a nice break from seeing Seppo going back and forth, John Mills sprang into receptive action and, courtesy of a lucky card draw, won lunch for two at sea. Well, in dock. Unfortunately he will not be here on the given date so has kindly donated the gastronomic reward to our Cudeca auction.

Captain Dean Moore spelled out our gratitude to the sponsors for their support. Let us hope their investment proves well rewarded. We are lucky to have a major port just down the road?

Later we received a nice letter from Cruise Market, an abbreviated version of which we are pleased to include.


To Tuesday 30/4 to be precise. Not mentioned because it was Lilian’s 84th birthday but because Dean also rounded off his duties by distributing the prizes for that day’s Stableford competition. Annie Perignon was the clear winner in the Ladies section with a handsome 43 points, followed home by Carol Rees and Anne Mills (also 38) Dean rightly complimented Annie Perignon on her score and handicap massacre.

l/r: Carol Rees, Annie Perignon and Anne Mills

The Mens’ prizes were a little more complicated and not quite in accordance with the published result sheet. Simon Buddery, not known to many, came home with an incredible 48 points but it transpired there was a handicap hiccup, not his fault, coupled with him being a guest technically. So it was that the absent Philip Shute’s 44 saw him occupy first position, followed by the also missing Chris Slattery with 39, and loveable Merv Coombes, who was there, as the picture below shows, on 37.

I’d rather have a pint Dean, please.


We now come to an event which proved not to be as anticipated, and will remain in my memory for all the wrong reasons. In recent years this has been the McErliain Cup, open to those who regularly play off the blue tees. That is no longer the case. Battle is now for the Macaulay Cup and this time took place on the Europa course with 16 squads of 4 participating, men and women both. The latter playing off red plates whilst the non qualifying men presumably played off the yellow plates as usual? So, the prizes sponsored by Iain Macaulay went to worthy and qualified players.

The first three ladies were Alison Kirk (37), Ursula Wetzel (34), Carol Rees (also 34).

Alison's solitude balanced by gallant, sympathetic and adjustable Captain Dean.

Fortunately, and in keeping with the intended spirit of the day, three regular Blue-sers managed to outplay the entire field. The winner was Sten Valentin with a wonderful 41 points, whilst Mike Fisher’s 38 saw him home in third. Sandwiched in between, with a very acceptable 40 points but two blobs including one on the 18th., came this sad mortal, your scribbler. So near and yet so far? Still a handicap reduction of 1.6 is a positive step in the right direction so the wine will be enjoyed in due course. A day to remember and unlikely to be repeated at my age? Pity.

Iain Macaulay, not yet well enough to play himself, was the creator of this competition, long before Blues players were recognised as a separate entity. Nice, therefore, that he should be invited by Dean to present the prizes to: l/r Mike, Sten and Jack.

My reference to wine was misplaced because, not too surprisingly considering Iain's nationality, the prizes were alcohol of a different brew. In my case, a medicinal liquid one is often told, the contents were exalted by playing partner Peter Hatton who, having spent a working life time "in the business", should know? What was not admitted to either he nor Iain was that the last time I swallowed this potion was also the first time, and almost 70 years ago! Three times one had to get off the trolley bus before reaching home.


In her report on the home match, which we won handsomely, Dorothée informed that their adversaries, the Ladies of Baviera, were quite gung-ho about their prospects on their own turf. She was right. Her latest comments now follow.

“Highly motivated after the 6:0 win against Baviera four days before, all six ladies arrived in good mood at Baviera Golf Clubhouse, Velez-Málaga. After having a coffee they started their match full of energy in the following teams: Janice Marler & Susanne Valentin - Anne Mills & Loraine Murphy - Dorothée Schmidt & Annie Perignon. It could have been too much energy because the strong Baviera ladies beat all three of our teams on their home course. The best La Cala team, Anne & Loraine fought down to the wire but unfortunately lost their match at the 18th hole. The weather was perfect, the course in great condition, and the lunch and chat couldn't have been any better.“

Presumably taken before the match?


Paul and Cecelia Massey were both Captains before moving to Florida, but they return at intervals to freshen up old and close friendships here. This time with a special purpose. To celebrate Cecelia’s 65th birthday.

Our first picture shows them together behind their gafas de sol

and the other shows Cecelia surrounded by some of her lady party guests.

Given that Paul offered to take her anywhere for this special occasion it is a nice thought that she opted to return to La Cala?


With no mention of Archie Harri’son? Instead the subject is the party held in the Hilliard household last year to mark the occasion of the last Royal wedding. Readers will find the correspondence self explanatory.

Those who attended will remember the clever content, the arrival of the Royal Family and, not least, the Red Arrows fly-over. An enjoyable and memorable afternoon.


Jean Pierre and Monique Vermeiren has a ring about it? A romantic note perhaps? Appropriate then that the pictures acquired by the newsletter fit perfectly. The first shows togetherness

and the other taken on their wedding day last year. Almost certainly the first matrimonial picture to appear in this newsletter?

When newcomers appear on our scene it has always been editorial policy to make contact and invite a few personal details for the benefit of membership at large and not just the hard core who are here most of the year. Sometimes the responses are near professional CV’s but mostly they are just simple, friendly statements reflecting the nature of the person or couple, as in this case.

Jean Pierre is 50, born in Waterloo, and has spent his entire working life in sales, for Agfa and Ricoh in the main. He is very new to golf, previous passions being hunting and fishing. He and Monique play their golf in Belgium but having now invested in an apartment in Horizon Golf the game plan includes longer spells here and more golf!

Monique was born in France and also has a sales background, mostly as a key account manager for Promedia. Born in 1953 she chose retirement after 40 years on the treadmill, took up golf, and decided to enjoy life. She claims not to be too interested in scores and results, playing more for the fun, the scenery, the exercise and the company. Those of us who have been around the game for a year or two know that golf can exert a grip but we wish her and Jean Pierre success in their objectives. They still have a large house in Belgium which will require a decision in the near future by the sound of things.

Welcome to you both. Enjoy.


We all live in a world nowadays where analytics and algorithms have supplanted creativity? The humble view of your editor is that decision making should involve less maths and more magic. We are swamped with information and data. Everything you want (not need) to know is available at the press of a button. Bring back some gut feeling?


Years and years ago, when a young lad/man, the Chicken Run at Upton Park was like church. Well not a bit like church in some basic respects, not least language, but it was a compelling target venue. The memories are still raw. The names of the players engraved forever on my heart. Who could forget Charlie Bicknell for example? His blood a bright mixture of claret and blue. Now, just a week or so ago, what appeared on the IPTV box but West Ham Ladies team playing in the F A Cup Final v Manchester City Ladies. We lost 3-0, which was what the bookmakers expected, but what would Charlie have made of it all? Professional lady footballers. Whatever next?

Women's football on the rise as data reveals game now has 314m followers and 16m play globally.


It is good to have David and Marie back in our midst. They have both been in the health wars for too long. Let us hope that is all now behind them. David, of course, never lost control of Thursday’s RollUps, even though far distant in cuckoo clock land.

Would you believe it? No sooner back than chalking up his seventh hole-in-one. A “three quarter nine iron on Europa’s 10th”. David tells us that his newly re-structed achilles tendon does not appear to impede his swing but a recent operation on his left shoulder isn’t helping! However, this was a personal record breaking hole-in-one, it being his very first at La Cala.


What a busy schedule May is offering, with innovation at the forefront. This competition took place 10/5 and the report comes from Loraine Murphy, vice captain this year, and one of those who opted to walk the course and thus start with a 10 point bonus. In theory it might now seem?

"The D&D Walker Cup was well supported and most are looking forward to a repeat competition... although maybe in slightly cooler conditions. 10 € fee included a choice of beefburger & chips or Salad - everyone seemed to enjoy it. Prizes were Johnny Walker Whisky.

Wee Kate Bradley won a wee dram for her Eagle on the par 5 hole 6.
Cees won the men's competition with 21 points and I won the Ladies with 23 points... both of us were walkers.
Dean then decided that Mary Evans would be the competition winner as she scored an excellent 25 points !!!
A good time was had by all and Murdo provided some fabulous entertainment to top off the afternoon. He even included a duet with Kate Bradley."


The longest wait in the world is when the nurse tells you to take off your clothes because the doctor will be with you in a moment.


In some ways a curious name for a competition format, especially when we are a 100% amateur club? Anyway, that’s what we played on Asia on Sunday 12th. In fact the day’s title was “Former Captains” and a run through the play list suggests there were 16 of that category on parade. It would have been 18 had Danny Rees not been visiting his wife Carol in hospital. Stricken with a kidney problem Carol was probably in theatre whilst we were all enjoying the weather, the views which never fail to impress, and not having to worry about tomorrow.

There are some large fields at the moment and, no, we are not talking Bill, although it is nice to see him back in semi regular action again. The reference is to yet another healthy turnout, doubtless due to the proximity of Mens’ Away Days? Inevitably there were some enviable scores recorded, although an average of 5.389 per winning hole has been bettered in the past. The triumphant were:

1st: 97 points l/r Peter Marler, Richard Hinds, PAULINE HILLIARD, Pat Reid.
> 2nd: 95 points l/r SONYA FOSTER, George Kirk, Alsion Kirk, Tracey Ledgard.
3rd: 94 points l/r Karl Haas, Pearl Fisher, JUDI LENTELINK, Rob Garner.

Three Lady Captains are keen to point out that their teams beat all their male counterparts.

It might be added, for the sake of record, that George Kirk was a last minute arrival for the photo session, and is not smiling because he and his wife were harvesting more wine, but because Rangers were beating Celtic 2-0 when he was hauled away from the clubhouse television.


This is proving a great year for those of the fair sex, led by Monique and Loraine but backed up by a host of helping hands. The programme of events is more than interesting with the support encouraging still further things to come. However, quietly buzzing away in the background are the long established Bridge Club and Book Club. The latter is run by temporarily absent Carol Rees and is an active and regular gathering. The bridge players are fewer in numbers but the stalwarts meet most Monday afternoons and would welcome newcomers. Sylvia Robbins is the one to contact if you are interested.

Going off at a bit of a tangent it would also be right to recognise the considerable behind-the-scenes of Judi Lentelink who is actively at hand for most tasks whenever wanted. As a former Captain and Secretary there isn’t much she doesn’t know about the club, and members, and she even helps with this newsletter. Only a once a month task but she is an eagle eyed spotter of typos, or wrong spelling of names, so she is the first to run through the draft text before it passes on. Also not generally known is that she is the custodian of the trophy cabinets and, what is more, cleaner of the trophies! Now that is a labour of love? A regular three hour dirty task. Thanks Judi.

Super servant shines.


Very sorry to read about the passing of Doris Day at the age of 97. Not maybe to the liking of today’s youth but a great vocalist in her day, as well as a glamorous film star. Never a sex symbol as such but irresistibly attractive to the younger male generation of which, hard to believe, one was part, way back!


Tuesday 14th. Europa beckoning. First off as usual and glad to be in the company of two doyennes, Connie Maphar-massar and Ursula Wetzel, alongside buggy companion Hugo Reichle, a likeable and enthusiastic golfer who deserves more for his efforts. When we tee’d off there was little hint of the strong winds to come. The ladies were in light hearted mood but never other than determined to perform well, as is their wont. Until the 4th anyway. Having played immaculately to within about a metre from the target Connie went into meltdown. Some 4 or 5 strokes later she managed to find the bottom of the hole but what made this all so special was the speed of execution which was quick. Like lightning fast. Like Guinness Book of Records speedy. Did any unrepeatable Dutch phrases fill the air? Nary a one. A philosophical smile and a recount to be sure before Ursula, looking slightly shocked, updated Connie’s card. It was not to be the best round Connie has ever played, but there have been enough of those to make us all envy her, but she remained focused, friendly, and almost frivolous at times. A great character.

Ursula was intent and measured, as always, ready for a laugh, giving a can-can kick when she registered a par or birdie, and it was no surprise to find her name near the top of the result sheet later. It has been my pleasure to play alongside her twice in a week, and most enjoyably too.

Hugo began with a super drive but made rather a mess of the opening holes when, by his own admission, he was feeling nervous. For no reason he could explain. Things improved though, he calmed down, enjoyed better rewards, and was never less than a nice buggy companion.

Later, sipping our coffee in the clubhouse, we were joined by ever smiling Flavio Papa, just back from an indulgent weekend in Granada. By the time he left us he probably wished he had stayed there!! Sorry Flavio but you did invite comment?

l/r: 1st Paula Lansdowne 70 and cut 1.4. 2nd Lilly Lagerwerf 71. 3rd Ursula Wetzel 72 (excused).

For the benefit of new members it should perhaps be pointed out that the weekend prize giving, immediately after play, is not normally a dressy affair. Paula (l) and Lilly (r) were not there on the day but were pinned down by our roving photographer during Ladies Away Day, hence the glamorous twosome.

l/r: 2nd Richard Hinds 68 cut 1.2. 1st David Gilchrist 67 cut 1.2.


Most go a golfing life time without one. This is Rob's fifth! Achieved with a 7 iron on Europa's 3rd. Interesting that because that weapon is a favourite of mine on that hole, but hoping that those wielding sand and pitching wedges don't notice!


This month’s welcome goes to Govind and Julie Naidu, both familiar with the area but now residents in the Miraval community. He hails from South Africa and she from Jersey. They met on a hospital nightout and married in 2006. Govind is an Orthopaedic and Trauma surgeon, whilst Julie has her own Aesthetic business giving Botox, Fillers, medical skin peels, laser treatment of various kinds, and scierotherapy which involves injecting spider leg veins (!!)

As for golf Julie has been a regular visitor here since 1999 and introduced Govind to our courses in 2005. They were both members of the well known La Moye Club in Jersey. Julie’s lowest handicap thus far is 19 but she is currently the proud holder of the inaugural Miraval Trophy. Govind is a cricket lover and a member of the MCC. He floats around the mid 20’s in handicap terms but shares a passion for large Cuban cigars with a local professional of international fame and fortune! Having shared his buggy a few weeks back this “trademark” was very noticeably apparent.

Julie is keen on fitness, both Zumba and circuit training, Govind, at least from an appearance point of view, would seem to be less enthusiastic. However, what they do share in common is a love of the game, a determination to improve, and a desire to involve themselves in our social scene as circumstances allow. We feel sure they will become popular members very quickly.

A warm welcome to you both.


“A 6-man team from La Cala was entertained by Real Club de Campo Málaga at the Parador course in Málaga on Monday May 13. The occasion was the away fixture for La Cala men in the annual Seniors La Liga tournament with the home team triumphing 2 points to 1. The La Cala winning pair was George Kirk and Roy Davies who triumphed in their match 1-up while Philip Shute and David Lansdowne lost 6 & 5 and stand-in Captain Peter Marler playing with John Brooks lost 4 & 3. The return match will be played on La Cala’s Asia course on May 22 and it is hoped we can reverse the scores as a minimum.”

Thanks to stand-in captain Peter Marler for this report.


José is the name of the greenskeeper shown driving in our picture. The other subject is a nameless gold pheasant who is to be frequently seen on Campo America. Nameless because his/her gender is still the subject of debate. At first it was thought that he/she had fallen for José because he/she followed him everywhere. Then it became apparent that José was not his/her only heart throb. Anyone in a green outfit drew close attention. Which is most of the ground staff! St. Patrick's Day must have posed a few problems?

So now we have dogs, cats, mongoose, snakes, foxes and, occasionally, thank goodness, wild boar. For those interested in such things the plural of mongoose is unclear. It is more often mongooses than mongeese.


150 years old today.


Who know more about us than we about them, but that is now to change as we extend our customary warm welcome to new members. A welcome with a difference because, in response to my request, they have provided a “This is us” statement which requires little editing. This is not laziness on my part but appreciation of a factual introduction which requires no padding.

"We come from Belgium, near Antwerp - Home golf club in Belgium was Cleydael Golf Club, near Antwerp - Married and have daughter Sofie and son Filip - Children and grandchildren love to come to La Cala - Bought an apartment in 2014 in the community Real Alta Vista phase I - Have visited La Cala Golf resort already 18 years ago - Are very pleased to be here in a three golf course resort - Are both golfers since 25 years - Current handicaps both 18 - We played before many times as owners, but decided this year to become members - Professional activity for both (worked 37 years together): Independent insurance broker (daughter Sofie has taken over the business) & Real estate broker (company sold to third party)."

CAPTAINS AWAY TRIP - 15 & 16 May, 2019

The highlight of most captains’ year is their chosen Away Day(s) and, from all accounts to hand thus far, Dean Moore appears to have set the bar higher in terms of venue, organisation, value for money, and enjoyment. Circumstances prevented my involvement so the newsletter is appreciative of the report submitted by our irreverent Hon.Sec., which now follows in it’s almost un-edited entirety.

"Our advance party including Captain Dean and Sec Geoff, arrived a day early on the pretext of organising everything for the horde that was to follow on the coach managed by Ex Captain Hilliard...... in effect it was a chance to get some practice in and test out the various clubhouse and hotel bars.

Barcelo Costa Bellena is a very pleasant and beautifully appointed hotel on the outskirts of Rota and bang on the coast (nudist beach in front of hotel, apparently). Breakfast on the 15th was a quiet affair ahead of the invasion mounted by Vic which duly beached at around 11.30 a.m. where the starving forces of evil where subjected to a large plate containing a Club Sandwich (Sangwitch if George Kirk) and Slim-line chips. A couple of beers later and battle was joined as the Viking Battalion of Peter Edstrom, Sten Valentin, Thomas Widegren with co-opted English observer Bob Gordon got the event under way ..... however, our beloved Captain had tried everything he knew to blunt the Viking challenge by sending them to the wrong first tee...... well they did laugh!! Your correspondent (second out to keep an eye on the Vikings) was teamed with the Venerable past captains Reid & Farmer and his pal frae bonny Scotland Allan Fothers........ 4 hours later the exceptional antics of James Reid had rendered all following scores irrelevant as he smashed his way round in just 45 points!! ..... His contribution to the team AM/AM score of 92 perhaps best sums up the support he got from us but it was nevertheless a score untroubled by the rear-guards... Nothing at all reportable about dinner which was a quiet and reflective period before bed with pretty much everyone retiring to read a good book and rest fully before the exertions to be faced on Thursday – honest!

Straight from the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” song book?)

After another very good breakfast punctuated by the arrest for questioning of a number of our party intent on stealing bananas from the breakfast area (all released and resolved when bananas were returned or paid for) a number of our cast decided to go play Paddle..... I know!! Those watching them leave were treated to some intriguing fashion decisions as orange shorts were matched with pink shirts et al...... The Thursday competition was a Better Ball Pairs event with the best one of two scores counting towards the overall total for the pair ...... simple yes? Hhhmmm... Anyway one might have thought the scoring would be good given the early night and good breakfast and it is not this authors desire to denigrate or belittle or indeed name or shame golfers but 28 points better ball????? Anyhoo..... guess who snuck in below the radar to win with a 44 point total winning only on handicap?...yes.... it was the disabled pairing of Captain Moore and Handicap & Rules Secretary David Wilson limping and puffing their way round smashing nearly everyone in sight. At the presentation high-jacked by Ex Captain Hilliard the pair were presented with their prize along with a large cheer .......

Grateful thanks to our Captain Dean Moore (who brought his own bodyguard Will Moore) for a fantastically organised trip with almost no hitches (ignore the first tee and can’t blame him for the paddle dress-code) and we all hope his year continues on in similar vein because it was a great, great trip."

Geoff Thompson


"The MEN were away to Costa Ballena with their Captain Dean. 15 - 17th May. Therefore the ladies played their CATS AWAY SO THE MICE SHALL PLAY game on Thursday 16th May. Followed by a ‘do’ at Vivien Shute’s house (who initiated this event in her Captain’s year of 2009). Hence this was the 10th anniversary of the day & meal. Each lady brought to the meal their own spectacular dish and wine to boot. So a very well-fed and well-watered set of ‘mice’ crawled home at the end of the evening!!"

L/r: 3rd. 146 points Wendy Hinds, Marie Wilson, Kate Bradley, Felima O’Callaghan. 2nd. 153 points Pearl Fisher, Verena Haas, Sylvia McGarvie (3 only). 1st 159 points Dorothée Schmidt, Tina Garner, Janice Marler, Paula Johnstone (guest).
Thanks to Vivienne who hosted the Cat's Away Day at her fantastic house.


“On Friday 17th a First Aid presentation was provided by Helicopteros Sanitarios who offer a great service to residents of La Cala Golf. We look forward to welcoming Inma and her team on Cudeca Day (June 1st) when they will be available to speak to anyone who would like more details about the service they provide. The presentation covered the basic points of First Aid as well as how to use a defibrillator. A follow up course will be held on 13th June at 17:00hrs after the roll up and will be hosted by Govind Naidu in conjunction with Helicopteros Sanitarios. Sign up is now available on the Members App and we would encourage as many members as possible to attend - just knowing what NOT to do - may save someones life !“

Thank you Loraine for this brief report, and also the group photograph which, it is noticed, lacks a man?


This time it is Vivienne Youngs at her keyboard.

“Monique asked me to send you a note re the Mask workshop we held while the men were away this week. Loraine will be sending you under separate cover some photos taken but this one was just a picture I took of Sonya getting down to some glueing when the glue gun table was bus. Fortunately she didn't get stuck to the floor!

Sonya getting down to it.

Hidden talent behind the masks! Who would have thought that from some colourful feathers, ribbons and sparkly sequins such a variety of clever and artistic masks would be produced. The different styles and ideas from our clever ladies were inspirational, resulting in some masks worthy of Mardi Gras in Venice itself - well almost!! Happily no-one ended up stuck to a glue gun and hopefully a fun afternoon was enjoyed by all.”

This very original event was organised by Vivienne Youngs and Sonya Foster.


Explained Mike Fisher to a Peter Penney struggling to get to grips with the “Sandwich Stableford” format on America, Sunday 19th. Mike makes a good team captain, encouraging his playing partners, discouraging conversation unrelated to golf, leading by example most of the way round, bombing the ball vast distances until tiredness and a certain dejection crept in towards the end of the round as he recognised that any chances of wine winning were receding fast. He thought! Peter, who has no aversion to a friendly chat here and there, also showed that his recent Away Day form had not been drowned whereas the usually dependable Wendy Hinds was on another planet. Welcomed as ever with open arms we were reckoning on a major points contribution, but it was not to be. Her self criticism was consistent though.

At the prize giving Captain Dean Moore, in bubbly mood after his highly successful and enjoyable Away Day Trip, made much of the day’s “incredible scores”, the chosen, carefully selected adjective having more than one interpretation, of course. As duty cameraman it came as a significant surprise to have to hand my gadget over to Judi and join my playing partners at the bottle dispensary. It may have only been third place but we were not expecting it, that’s for sure.

3rd with 93 points l/r Mike Fisher, Wendy Hinds, Jack Perry , Peter Penney - 2nd with 97 points l/r Suzanne Valentin, Jan Debrauwer, Hazel Gilchrist, Louis Lentelink - 1st with 100 points l/r Peter Edstrom, Sylvia Robbins, Kate Bradley, Dean Moore.


Asia can be kind as well as testing for the most part. Tuesday 21st the course chose to fill Lilly’s cup to overflowing with the milk of human kindness. 44 points no less and a massive 3.4 cut just to keep her feet on the ground! Life off 15.8 will be a little different now but will she worry? Of course not, challenges are what make life interesting. In her wake were four ladies with 35 points but, on handicap, second came Jill Davies, with Janice Marler in third. Captain Dean Moore will be more than happy with his return to the upper leaderboard, his 37 earning him pole position and a small 0.3 downwood movement of handicap. David Gilchrist, enjoying some good form at the moment was second with 35, and Chris Slattery third with 34.

Lilly "on fire" missing, l/r: 3rd Janice Marler, 2nd Jill Davies
Dean Moore proud with 37 points.


Word on the grapevine about a Stableford Competition for men, squeezed in between Tuesday and Thursday’s regular dates, on Wednesday 22/5 to be precise, prompted your scribbler to research further. Had the men stolen a leaf from the ladies’ book? Organiser Geoff Thompson was quick to clarify.

“You are bang on the nail in your assessment of the activities yesterday....”Dogs at Home” (must have taken quite a while to think that one up) the antithesis born when our “Cats” went away golfing, was a fairly hastily arranged event competed for by 21 Dogs” on Asia, playing AM/AM format, best two scores. A winner-take-lall event and with a score of 93 points (embarrassed) Geoff T, James R, Allan F and a surprise Danny Rees swept all before them....... once in the clubhouse we met the remains of a group of Seniors to be known as “The Vanquished“ namely George Kirk, Philip Shute and Sir John Mills, hammered 3 nil by a team from Parador... who have never seen a hill. Dinner was organized at a local restaurant where the “Dogs at Home” competitors assembled only to find a vanquished Kirk joining us to eat yet another meal after breakfast, lunch, Seniors match lunch and now The Dogs Dinner... it must have been both satisfying and a little intimidating to be sat by me (a winner) but surrounded by other losers?”

Not too surprisingly no pictures were taken or, if they were, they have failed to pass the censor ;-)


There was no redemption for the La Cala Seniors in their return match against Real Club de Campo Málaga on the Asia course on Wednesday May 22. The RCCM team make-up was changed slightly and their quality of play proved too much for the La Cala team. While we did get closer to RCCM on this return occasion it proved insufficient with RCCM taking all three points available. The pairing of Philip Shute and George Kirk lost 3 & 1; Roy Davies and David Lansdowne, 2 down and Peter Marler and John Mills 1 down. However, the post-match hospitality proved highly successful and budget busting! Again Peter Marler has stepped into the breach, and we thank him for so doing.


La Cala minus Roger Dew is not the same place? This great golfer and character was stricken with cancer and has been undergoing treatment for what seems like ages, especially to him no doubt. Contact was made to get a progress report which you can now read below.

“I have finished my chemotherapy and had my last immunotherapy a week ago. The scans have shown that my lymphoma is cured, excellent news, but I have a blip which needs investigating. So I am having a biopsy in four weeks time. If all is well I will be returning to La Cala at the beginning of September. So far I have played two nine holes of golf and one eighteen holes by using a buggy. At the moment I could probably only manage a couple of holes without a buggy. Needless to say if I came back now with my current form I would be asking to double my handicap. Can I pass on my continued thanks to the numerous members who have kept in touch and have kept me going. Needless to say nurse Dianne has been my rock and got me through this. Regards to you and all at La Cala.”

Roger Dew, central, in happier times.


A few years back the Men went to Benelup, their trip being memorable for the high winds which made golf difficult on the first day, impossible on the second. The glass front of the lobby was blown in and the police wouldn’t let the rocking coach bring us home! This year the collective charm of our Ladies calmed the elements and created balmy conditions. Which is no more than the thoughtful planning and efficient organisation deserved. Captain Monique Peters and Vice Captain Loraine Murphy deservedly earned all the plaudits. Hackneyed but true the word from everywhere is that “a great time was had by all.” Party time prevailed.

Day One, Wednesday 22/5 involved getting to the Fairplay Golf Resort, to which end the coach left our car park at 08:30 with Connie Maphar in charge, or “hostess”. Selflessly Monique and Loraine had gone ahead the night before so were able to greet the travellers on arrival, usher them to a Welcome Drink and then on to a light lunch.

The serious stuff began at 13:00. The devilish Monique had arranged a challenging and “different” format entitled “Double Dutch Scramble”and involving dice. Yes, dice. One per team. To be rolled before each tee off. The result determining which drive to be taken. 1 2 3 4 obvious. 5 = worst drive 6 = shortest. Wrapped up within this were Rolligans! Similar to Mulligans but merely for a second roll of the dice. Rolligans had to be “bought” for a song to be sung by all after the game. Needless to say there was a Nearest the Pin prize but, wait for it, a Nearest the Rope award also. There was time to relax before re-grouping for a photograph, drinks, dinner, more drinks, after which the story gets a bit hazy.

The Second day, Thursday 23/5, began with a Dawn Chorus, albeit rather muted. Maddie Brooks Dream Yoga Class began at 0800 and was supported. Not by all but supported. As the photograph shows.

“Chase the Fox” was to have been the format of the day but the hunting season had ended (?) so an ordinary Bramble deputised. Later it was heard “We have to say that the golf course was stunning, and offered everyone some amazing scenery, lush grass on the fairways, and a fun day – for some!”

The Lady Captain made sure everyone had sufficient sustenance by providing a great half way house laden with food and drink and then, to top it off, a second chance after 18 holes, to relax before changing for a late BBQ lunch back on the hotel terrace. This led on to a period of joke exchanges, much laughter, the celebration of Libby Robinson’s 80th., prize giving and “Thank You” time.

9th & 18th hole half way house.

Come 19:00 it was time to board the coach and return to La Cala. For some. There was a Day Three which basically involved sight seeing in Jerez, and a personal re-fuelling stop in Tarifa when eventually homeward bound. Everyone was full of praise for the Captain’s administrative and personal skills, and for her individually named gift, a metal water bottle. Nobody was forgotten.

Finally a word of explanation. This may have come across as a greatly abbreviated review of an important event in the Ladies calendar. To some extent that is true but it is because a very lengthy, three stage report has already been produced by Monique and Loraine, extensively illustrated, and distributed to all Lady members. One assumes that husbands/partners will have also seen the full inside story. If you do not qualify just ask a Lady member if you can peek over her shoulder, borrow her iPad, or whatever.


Campo Asia hosted this intriguingly titled event on Sunday 26th, a day just made for golf. Endless blue sky, a gentle zephyr, friendships galore, and a whole range of scores, mostly very good though. Thanks to some hard bargaining in the market Peter Penney sported a brand new white hat, more trilby than cap-like but more suited to the wearer than the faded blue porkpie version of which hitherto he has appeared so fond. No more. He has a new love to inspire him. It was a pleasure to be in the company of this experienced performer as he quickly recovered from an iffy first hole, chalked up par after par, putted like a pro, and sat down afterwards with 45 points to his credit. Also in the 15A start group, and paired with the day’s maestro, was Alison Kirk, no mean slouch at any time who, encouraged by the newly hatted warrior, made up their team total to a staggering 84 which, no surprise here, made them the day’s winning 2-ball team.

Runners-up were Laura Thompson and Derek Steel with 77. Third in line were Tina Garner and George Kirk on 74. The day’s fourth prize went to Caz Rosselli and Achim Schmidt 73.

As an afterthought Captain Dean Moore announced at the prize giving that nobody would be allowed to win more than one prize. This ruled out Peter and Alison who might otherwise have swept the board. Instead the best individual scores were recorded by Dorothee Schmidt 40 and Richard Hinds 38.


Whatever Peter Penney is taking it is strongly recommended that he keep it up! A splendid performance at the Away Day event was followed by 45 points on Sunday, and now 43 in Tuesday 28th’s Stableford. A cut of 3 to 16.5 will not have pleased this handicap conscious veteran but is no more than his form deserves, and good luck to him! (Could it really be his new hat?) Another Peter, Marler this time, suffered a 0.9 cut following his second place 39. David Wilson, so soon, is back in the leaderboard section after his lengthy absence, which is good to see and testament to his basic skill level. A cut of 0.2 may not sound much but at his level it is more than welcome?

Having shared a buggy with Connie Maphar again, and witnessed her enviable ability at close hand, my money would have been on her 39 points earning first place, but it was not to be. Paula Lansdowne claimed that position, rightly, with a 40 return and a 1.6 cut to 24. Connie’s reduction for second spot was 0.9 to 11.2 whilst Wendy Fretwell, third on handicap only, goes down 1.1 to 18.


When came word that lady members were to gather in the Bradley home for a so called “Clothes Swop Workshop” all sorts of visions came to mind. Whatever the format, or system, there were twenty participants, three racks of clothes, shoes and other items. Plus, we are informed on good authority, “Lots of lovely food prepared by Kate. Drinks and good advice on what to wear.” By the end of the evening no less than 540 euros had been raised for Cudeca and will be added to our Saturday total. Well done, ladies.


"Thursdays roll up this week coincided with Libby Robinsons 80th birthday so it was decided to dedicate the day to Libby and hold a surprise roll up birthday celebration for her. We had a wonderful turnout of 33 ladies playing in 9 flights and the theme had to be a pink ball bramble , but with a couple of twists , in honour of Libby who is always seen playing with her faithful pink ball. We had a very enjoyable day in testing windy conditions with some welcome refreshments after 9 holes and Libby was overwhelmed by being surrounded by all her golfing friends and the surprises. The scores varied enormously with the 9th placed team scoring 89 points and the winning team of Janice Marler, Tina Garner and Wendy Hinds scoring a magnificent 171 points , 14 points clear of the second placed team of Liisa Lindstrom, Connie Maphar and Maddie Brooks."

Thanks to Janice Marler and her helping hands for the foregoing. A happy occasion indeed, with the pink ball theme a clever thought.


A delicious birthday cake and lot's of sweets Libby and her friends enjoyed that day. Further surprises were a historical plaque of her life, the lovely decorated buggy where she is surrounded by her 21 year old granddaughter & Sonya and much more.


Jose had almost pushed the button when came great news which we are delighted to be able to squeeze in. The message from Pauline Moody is brief but all important. "Great news. Feeling very grateful and happy." Husband David looks understandably relieved.


Tact is the art of making guests feel at home when that is where you wish they were.

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