Our journey through 2017 continued. There were exams. More students passed than failed, but we won't bother you with the numbers now. Everyone deserves a second chance, so all our students have the opportunity to improve their grades in summer. Besides, even failing an exam means you were successful in experiencing the true life of a student...

The first meeting of 2017 of the Advisory Board of REI took place on February 28. We talked about the skills our students must have, the classes they must be exposed to, internships we may offer, projects we may develop together, to provide our students with the most relevant experience.

The first meeting of the Advisory Board of REI in 2017

Other stakeholders we met with this month: The Romanian National Bank specialists, in a workshop under the umbrella of the Academica programme of RNB with ASE, the Romanian Association of Economics Faculties (AFER), in a debate about the actions to be implemented this year cross country.

The newly launched Center for American Studies (more on its Facebook page) had its first event. In collaboration with CeRe, for the African American History Month, we had on February 21, as guest speaker, Michael Tierney. Michael is the founding director of Step by Step, a regional community leadership and education nonprofit in southern West Virginia that has provided programs since 1988. The topic of this conversation was "The Civil Rights Movement and Leadership for Diversity".

Michael Tierney in conversation with students of REI, moderated by Professor Mariana Nicolae, head of the Modern Languages and Business Communication Department.

Also on February 21, in an event organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Business and Tourism, we met with Paul Donovan, Global Chief Economist of UBS Wealth Management, the largest Swiss bank. The topic of the debate was "The International Business Environment in 2017: Policies and Challenges."

Paul Donovan joined in Aula Magna by Professor Rodica Pamfilie, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Tourism, Professor Dorel Paraschiv, Vice-Rector of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and Professor Gheorghe Hurduzeu, Dean of our faculty.

On February 15, we had the opportunity to discuss about using documents and archive collections in teaching and research practice, during Intercultural Connections, an interactive debate with Barry Houlihan from NUI (National University of Ireland), Archive Collections and Ioana Zirra, University of Bucharest .

Our Seminars in collaboration with Saxo Bank continued. On February 6, Stefan Belloiu talked to our students about fundamental analysis of listed financial instruments, focusing on shares, ETFs and CFDs.

Clara Volintiru, Ph.D., was published on February 7 in Forbes Opinion with an article on Blockchain: Investment (R)Evolution For Developing Markets (co-authored with Juergen Braunstein and Marion Laboure).

The L'Oreal Brandstorm competition had the first deadline (February 26). 6 teams applied. The second stage, the upload of the presentations, takes place until March 10. We will keep you posted.

We have new colleagues: Professor Lucian Croitoru, and Lecturer Narciz Balasoiu, Ph.D. joined the Department of International Business and Economics. Dr. Alina-Maria Mardari and Dr. Alexandra Costache-Babcinschi joined the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication.

On February 8, Centrul de Cercetari Teodora Cristea hosted a conference held by Rodica Capota-Stanciu, Ph.D. on L'interaction en classe de FLE: acquisition et/ou apprentissage?

Centre de Réussite universitaire held in February the second stage of the Mon premier emploi Competition and the First stage of the Civilisation francophone Competition. Both contests are for students of French as first or second language and are financed by l'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie.

We continued to provide you information about the volatility of Romanian markets on indicevolatilitate.ase.ro. Read on for a brief overview of the month in terms of market volatility...

Market Volatility in February 2017: We continue our series of stock market analysis by providing some results of our volatility indices computed for relevant financial time series. Our volatility index reflects the level of uncertainty implied by the stock market prices. The chart depicts the dynamics of annualized conditional volatilities produced by a large set of volatility models.

For an interactive version of this graph, please go to http://bit.ly/2lQXyy3

Before we start looking at the future, we have to have a look at our roots. And one of the most important roots of the academic community of REI left us this month. Professor Vasile Bozga, a true inspiration for generation of students he introduced to the history of economics, shall be deeply missed. We are left with his ideas and the stories....

The launch of our website in English is planned for March 1st. Be on the lookout for a new version of our website in Romanian asap.

The Romanian Association of Young Scholars (RAYS) in partnership with Economics and International Affairs Doctoral Studies and Center of International Business and Economics (CCREI) is organizing the second edition of the workshop Scientific research methods in Social sciences. The workshop invites doctoral students specialized in social sciences, with the purpose of consolidating and developing the knowledge in the area of specific research methods. At the end of the workshop, the participants will receive a diploma. Duration: 8 sessions, starting with 2 March. Location: Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Mihai Eminescu building, room 1204, from 18:00 to 21:00. More info @ http://www.cercetare.rei.ase.ro/workshop-en

The Second Semester is under way with interesting classes, guests, the Student's Scientific Competition, internships.

More news: Erasmus+ selection is planned to take place in March. Also planned, the second stage of the L'Oreal Brandstorm Competition.

Thank you for joining us through this month of 2017 and Stay tuned to the life of REI @ www.rei.ase.ro

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