What is Energy?
What is Energy

Now before I say anything i'm not talking about the song energy. Energy is what powers all technology, cars and many more. Essentially it provides light and heat to make machines work.

how much $$ it brings Canada?

To be honest when I was looking at this question I was wondering do people actually keep track of everyone's electricity bill but no they don't but they do keep a average which i know for sure. It would take me forever but here's just a link of a amazing website and props to whoever made it... :)

How is energy produced in canada?

Electricity is powered by energy stations which usually and tend to be located out in open areas for example the electricity stations in Arizona are located out in the desert further away from civilization because theirs many "idiots" in the world that would mess with the station and could disrupt the communication settings. Nowadays the stations are increasing in size and length of how much space and land they take up.

Where is canada's energy stations?

Canada has many energy stations in different places and by many trust me I mean many but the largest one is located in Halton Hills, Ontario. I can go on forever about this energy station but to shorten everything here's a useful link that explains descriptively what the Halton hills generating station is. VERY USEFUL TRUST ME:

How large is Canada's electric station?

Canada's electric station is pretty large and i gotta admit after reviewing all of my research i got to find out that Canada is the worlds second largest hydroelectric producers in the world just right behind china (Damn it SO CLOSE).Canada consumed the equivalent of 85.2 mega tonnes of oil of hydroelectricity, 10.8% of all the hydroelectricity generated in the world.

How is energy produced?

Now the answer to this question took me about one hour to find the answer and it wasn't easy because all the statistics were showing how energy was being produced in 2010 and i can promise you that technology has changed the way that energy was produced from 2010-NOW... Energy production in Canada increased in 2010, rising 3.6% to 21,213 petajoules (The International System unit of electrical, mechanical, and thermal energy.).

Issues & Solutions

Yes you are correct if you think that there are many problems that can or do occur while producing energy but there are a lot of solutions such as...

-When producing energy in the energy stations many injures can occur but if the workers were to wear more sufficient and proper clothing that could help and decrease less injuries and death rate.

-Renewable energy is a sufficient way to solve wasting energy. (Renewable energy is energy obtained from natural resources).

What do we need to change in order for the industry to be more sustainable?

Well to answer this question was tricky i never thought through all my research Canada would need to change anything to how they could make producing energy more sustainable and not only should Canada change but so should the whole world... The world's cities occupy 4 percent of the Earth's land area, yet they are home to more than half of the world's people. By 2030, that percentage will swell to 60 percent.

THANKS FOR LISTENING TO MY PRESENTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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