"It's Cookie Day!" Our day baking and sharing gingerbread cookies

Today was "the best day ever!" in preschool! In every version of The Gingerbread Man that we have read, we have noticed that the author details the steps that are needed to make gingerbread cookies. The kids started asking questions, like "What's flour?" and "Why do you need to put flour on a rolling pin?" Our discussion yesterday ended with Clayton telling us, "Wow! It's really hard to make gingerbread cookies."

We've been talking about making some cookies ourselves since we began this study, so we decided we must bake some cookies and see if it really is as tricky as we thought! The outline of a gingerbread man has been drawn on our calendar on Thursday, December 15th for a while now and the kids have been anxiously awaiting "Cookie Day".

We gathered on the carpet this morning and read through the recipe for gingerbread men. "Ten steps?" Emilia noticed, "this is going to take us all day!". We went through the grocery bag and laid out all of our materials.

Our recipe for Gingerbread Men Cookies.

Everybody washed their hands and we got ready to bake! We had a discussion about how important it is to follow exactly what a recipe says. "We don't want our cookies to taste gross," David told the group.

Molly started by putting the butter in the bowl for us.
Next, David cracked an egg into the bowl.
Will added one tablespoon of water.
Ethan started pouring the flour.
Emilia added some more flour.
Brayden got a chance to help with the flour.
And Grace finished dumping the bag of flour in for us.
Then, it was time to start mixing the dough. When I started explaining that we were going to mix the dough with our hands most of our friends were excited. Unfortunately, the volunteer I picked for this step, Clayton, was not too enthused about reaching his hands into the bowl of eggs and butter. We decided he would help with a different step in the recipe!
Aiden started squeezing the flour mixture and mixing it with his hands into dough. "Wow, it's SO COLD!" he screamed!
"I like how it feels!" Lucas giggled. "It's really, really squishy in my fingers!"

We started noticing that our flour, butter, and egg didn't look like flour, butter, and eggs anymore. All of our ingredients combined into a delicious-smelling, spiced, brown dough! To roll it out we realized we needed a table. "If we roll the dough on the carpet, it will get hairy!" Inaya laughed and told our friends.

Clayton helped us sprinkle flour on the table so our dough wouldn't stick as we rolled it.

Before we rolled our dough out flat, we took a minute to discuss what we noticed about it. Friends suggested things like "it's brown!" and "it's really sticky!" or "it smells really good."

Naisha was first to help roll out the dough. We quickly realized that we needed a lot of flour on our rolling pin to keep the dough from sticking.
We took turns cutting out our cookies Inaya was first!
All of our friends cut their own cookie and put it on the cookie sheet.

As we were cutting out our cookies, we realized that we had WAY more dough than we needed to make 13 cookies. We started brainstorming what we should do with the extra cookies. At first, most of our friends said, "we should eat them!" But after some group discussion, we settled on the idea of decorating the extra cookies and giving them to Mrs. Barber's class. The kids also wanted to make one for Mrs. Reilly because she came to visit us today and told us the cookie dough smelled amazing!

Once our cookies were all cut, it was time to take them to the oven. We walked the trays of cookies up to the kitchen and put them in the oven. "We have to make sure not to peek!! If we peek they might pop out of the oven and run away!" David told us.

We had to wait 8 minutes for our cookies to bake and then even longer for them to cool. We all agreed: waiting is the hardest part of making gingerbread cookies! Once they were cool, it was time to decorate them! We used frosting, M&Ms, and Licorice to decorate.

"Mine is going to have a happy face!" David said as he planned out his creation.
"He has a mustache!" Naisha told us.
Some friends might have even snuck a lick of frosting (or twenty...)

After decorating came the best part of the day: time to dig in!

Once we finished eating our delicious gingerbread men, the kids worked with a partner to decorate more cookies. We decided that we would go deliver these extra cookies to Mrs. Barber's class and to Mrs. Reilly. "Yeah! That will make them so happy!" Aiden exclaimed.

"We are making a cowboy cookie like in the book!" -Ethan
Our friends were very excited to spread some cheer by delivering cookies to other friends at Stanley Clark!
Mrs. Reilly was so appreciative of our little treat! "I even have some coffee left to go with it!" she told us.

The cold weather made today the perfect day to stay inside and bake cookies with our friends! We had so much fun working together to make a delicious winter treat!!

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