Franklin County Cyclists Have a safe ride!

Sure, you know you're on the road, but do the drivers?

You're not as flashy as you think!

According a study published in the Accident Analysis & Prevention Journal, cyclists significantly overestimate their own visibility to oncoming drivers. We overestimate our visibility by a factor of 7--even when wearing fluorescent clothing. We believe we are being seen, when in reality, we are not!

Sorry buddy, I didn't see you.
Bright Yellow, Lime Green, and International Orange are most visible in daylight. Large areas of color which are not cluttered with designs are most effective.

Riders who wear fluorescent cycling gear in the day are more visible to drivers and less likely to be hit and injured. Reflective clothing is required at night. Reflective gear that is attached to moving body parts greatly increases your chance of being seen at night.

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