Polar Bears By Lucy

In the summer the ice bergs start drifting away and the snow melts into water. That's where they struggle to live.

Polar bears love feeding on fish

They belong in the cold so somewhere around Antarctica and Artic pole.

The male ways 450kg female way up to 250 kg.

There gestation period is 195 to 265 days.

Polar bears love the water they make sure they have got water by their homes.

Females height is 2m. Males are 1.3m.

There are more than 20,000 polar bears and they have 7 body parts.

The scientific name of the polar bear is Ursus Maritimus.

Polar bears have one or two cubs per season.

Females and males lions will never stand a chance against a hungry polar bear in strength.

People like making sculptures of lots of animals, here is one of a polar bear.

Here is a photo of a polar bear in a daily newspaper.


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