Kelsey & Colleen HOPING TO ADOPT

Our Letter to You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us as you make the decision of who will parent your child. We hope you will be able to see the love we have for each other, our families, and our future child reflected through this page.

We honestly can't imagine what you must be going through. Even though we have never met, please know that we care for you and pray that you will find some peace during this process. We know that you want the best for your child and if you choose us, we promise to provide a safe and loving home. We have a great desire to be parents and so much love to give! As you scroll through our profile we hope it will bring you peace and assurance that your child will grow up cherished, cared for and loved.

- Kelsey & Colleen

Back when we were dating. Seems like it was yesterday!

Our Story

Both of us were born and raised in Kansas. We went to grade school together, but we didn't really get to know each other until years later while hanging out with friends. At first we were just friends who would send each other funny texts! Then Kelsey asked Colleen on a date. We fell completely in love and have been ever since! We got married on a beautiful rainy day in the fall of 2011.

After we married, we decided to move back to the country. Not only did we want fresh air and wide open spaces, but we also knew that it would be a wonderful place to raise our future children. We have been trying to start our family for seven years and have had three miscarriages. Now we are more than ready to welcome a child into our home through adoption! We know in our hearts that God is calling us to adopt and we are excited to meet the child he has chosen for us!

Our rainy wedding day!
Going out for dinner.

About Colleen

I grew up on the farm that I moved back to a couple years ago with Kelsey. It was a wonderful place to learn and explore as a child and I made lots of fun memories there with my siblings, family and friends. I help Kelsey manage our farm and help out where I'm needed, whether that means driving tractor, working cows, or running errands in town. Music has always been a big part of my life; I love singing and playing guitar and piano. I also love animals, photography, baking, gardening and traveling.

Colleen by a wheat field. Not much has changed!

Kelsey says about Colleen:

Colleen is my soul-mate and I know she will make a wonderful mom! I love to hear her sing and she never ceases to amaze me with her musical talent. Spending time with her is the best part of my day.

Singing at the fair.
Colleen with Kelsey's niece.

About Kelsey

I grew up a couple miles outside of a small town where I spent many days out at the lake with my family, usually on a boat or fishing with my dad. My parents still live there and I look forward to taking our future child over to their house where there is plenty of room to run around and play. I also have lots of nieces and nephews who our child can play with! I work as a farmer and rancher and help on my father-in-law's farm. I spend most of my time working on vehicles and machinery, driving tractor, feeding cattle and hanging out with Colleen.

Kelsey mowing the lawn.

Colleen says about Kelsey:

I know that Kelsey will make a great dad! My favorite things about him are that he is a hard worker and he always knows how to make me laugh. He truly is my best friend and I am so grateful that I can spend time with him everyday. Some of my favorite things we do include checking cows, going out for dinner, and drinking coffee together in the morning.

Saying hello to our favorite cow "Zoe".
Fishing with his nephew at Grandpa's pond.

Colleen's Family

My family includes my mom and dad, two sisters, two brothers, and a large extended family. Two of my cousins are adopted as well as two of my uncles. We like to get together often for birthdays and holidays and celebrate our own little family traditions. There is one tradition in my family that we call "Frost". It started when my grandpa read a poem on the first frost in October. Although he has now passed away, we still carry on that tradition by getting together in the fall to read poems, but mostly to spend time with each other.

Many of the people in my family are musical, so we love to sing and play guitar or piano when we get together. There are also a lot of good cooks in the family so there is always delicious food to go around! I know that they are more than ready to welcome a child into the family!

Pictures with my siblings and parents. Bottom right photo with extended family celebrating "Frost" at my grandparent's farm.

Kelsey's Family

My family includes my mom and dad, three sisters, four nephews, and four nieces. We get together often for birthdays and holidays and live close to extended family. We love taking family vacations to Table Rock Lake. When we are there we usually take a boat out on the water, go swimming, fishing, and have bonfires at the cabin. On Easter we get together with extended family at our grandpa's pond to fish and play horse-shoes. My family is so excited to add a new child to the family and my nieces and nephews can't wait to have another cousin to play with!

Pictures with parents, sisters, nieces and nephews.
My dad and nephews fishing at the lake.

Home on the Range

We live in a farmhouse in beautiful rural Kansas. We have a St. Bernard named Chief, a horse, cats, chickens, and cattle. There is a lot of room for children to play and many fun places to see on the farm. We can't wait to take our future child fishing in the ponds and wading through the creeks!

Our house.
Our niece feeding a bottle calf. Feeding calves was a part of growing up for both of us and we want our child to experience this too!
Kelsey and his niece on the combine.
Kelsey at a fishing pond.
Chief swam over to us to get on the boat!
Putting up some small square bales.


We love taking road trips! Our favorite places to go usually involve beautiful landscapes and a hiking trail. We can't wait to take our child on adventures with us!

Hiking in Colorado and Missouri, Petting sting-rays at Omaha zoo, and tubing at Tablerock lake.

Let's Meet!

If you've made it this far, we hope you're interested in meeting us! We started working with Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas because of their great reputation. Even though they are based in Southwest Kansas, they can assist in an adoption from anywhere, even with another agency. Oh, and don't worry, you don't have to be Catholic to work with them. They have been excellent in preparing us for adoption, and we know they will give you the same great support too.

Contact Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas at (620) 227-1590

Amy Falcon (620) 227-1590 or afalcon@catholiccharitiesswks.org
Lori Titsworth (620) 792-1393 or ltitsworth@catholiccharitiesswks.org

The entire staff has been wonderful to work with, but these two ladies have shown us so much care and understanding. They are there to support you too, in whatever decision you make.

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