My Weird Life Jude lawshea

This is the beginning of my some what crazy life it goes back to as long as I remember I was only seven years old I lived in Levelland the school I went to was not so bad. The people I knew were either jerks or kind people.So which side did i choose simple both thus a new beginning has began. Me acting like both of these people made me into some what a jerk but mainly a kind and honest person. I Learn that being me is awesome some times I talk to myself I like to play in playgrounds and I get a little crazy sometimes. But thats was just the start of this weird life of mine. When I turned eight man I thought i was so cool but nope because people said."Tv is stupid and who ever watches its is dumb". I thought to myself Tv is my life so i said ."Screw you chump". The man show i watch now was Spongebob


The games I played was really fun but i wasn't into games. Not until I was 11 when Super smash bros came out for Wii man i was like a little school girl. But the first game I ever did play was Super Smash Bros Melee

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