Florida Museum of Natural History Travis Hoffmann

Nature on Display: This part of the museum which involved the ancient fishing methods and an almost real life creation of what it feels like to be underwater appealed to me the most for this category for its ability to capture my attention. There were some really old stones on display which helped me to understand the level of difficulty that people must go through in order to eat back then. Also, the lighting in the wing of the museum was very impressive to me because of how the blue lights were perfectly positioned on the underwater creatures to help me experience what it would be like to be underwater with all of that life. There were also sounds of water bubbling and moving which tuned me in even more to feeling as if I was part of the exhibit.
Nature and Ethics: This fossil found from a shark in the St. Johns River was one of the focal points during my visit to the Natural History Museum. Going to the museum and seeing these fossils of sharks jaws gave me a different sense of appreciation for sharks as art compared to the death creating creatures that I had previously viewed them as. I examined every tooth that was along the jaw of this shark fossil and it fascinated me with how rigid it was compared to the teeth that I have. I never thought of this as art before my visit, but know I think it is definitely worth getting this experience to draw a different perspective on sharks. I was able to connect to these creatures with the magnitude of their teeth rather than having an interaction with them while I was in the water which would most likely be a negative one. I also think that there needs to be a better appreciation created for how unique sharks are with their impressive jaws and overall size and would recommend seeing this exhibit in person.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This type of exhibit helped me to understand the past and where we came from. For example, we do not have 15 foot ground sloths roaming the planet today like there were many years ago. I felt like I would have been such a small fish in a big ocean if I was alive when these types of animals were. In addition to getting this better perspective, going through the whole entire museum in general gave me a better appreciation for nature and how unique everything is on Earth. There were so many different aspects that this museum had to offer which just illustrated how special the creatures are and were on Earth. I was able to connect and see things that I would not have been able to experience now such as dinosaurs, sloths, and Native Americans by visiting this museum. This visitation actually had a peaceful and enlightening impact on my daily life because of how different it was from what I was used to as a student here. Even though I was taken out of my comfort zone, I had a favorable experience and really enjoyed the real life exhibits that were on display in this museum.

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