The Harn Museum of art

In contrast to the ever-changing city of Gainesville, the Harn Museum of Art lies stagnant beside all the hustle and bustle. Inside, artifacts, paintings, and much more save centuries of cultures and stories that can be heard for a lifetime.

This piece is called "Tintorera del mar" which literally translated to "Shark of the sea." This work portrayed a powerful sense of despair in the way it was done. Because if was linocut, the marks were very prominent and stood out in addition to the black that was utilized to emphasize for instance, the features on the man's face. The medium of work Héctor Puig used displayed the essentiality of the sugar mills to Puerto Rico's economy. Because of the sharp and meaningful cuts in the art, it communicated clear feelings of despair and hopelessness. In a way the painting made me feel trapped in a sense that, the man was getting eaten by the shark and other small groups of people could only watch.

The Asian exhibits attracted me specially due to how everything was set up. It was a vast room of wooden floor that branched out into 4 or so smaller rooms and led to a garden. Additionally, the art pieces in the vast room hugged the pillars or the walls and only the two large pieces in from of the garden were the only ones in the middle of the room. In a way, it gave a sense of peace and calmness. A lot of light was let in the room as well. All these characteristics allowed me to mark this as the best organized and visually appealing area of the Harn. In a metaphorical sense, the way the room was organized helped emphasize how you should not let your mind focus on the small, distracting things but think holistically of the goal in mind.

This painting of "Dos Niños" by Jesus Guerrero Galván made me feel something personally on a value I hold dearly: self-expression. I pity the two children in the painting because they seem so unhappy and detached from the world around them. Because as children you are in the developing stage, it is important to have the ability to self express yourself and to not just be expected to follow others as they grow. This painting emphasizes to me the importance of being able to believe and do what is important to you and not all people are privileged and have that opportunity.

To me, "Champ d'avoine (Oat Field)" by Claude Monet depicts the good life. The painting shows a field and a range of sunset-relating and flowery colors are used and blended well together. It emphasizes the theme of celebration. The shimmering texture of the strokes and paint helps convey the moments of experience that could lead to temporary joy or eternal happiness. The vibrancy in the color range allows me to feel that pure sensation as a fleeting but welcoming emotion. This also assists in my appreciate to the theme because I realize now how much nature can give joy and happiness. People often look at objects and others for pleasure via desires and wishes and do not focus on the simples like nature, which surrounds you. Taking the time to actually appreciate it allows for so much more progress into the Good Life.

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