The Southern Region! 5B By: Jackson and Maddie

Best Region Ever

States: The southern region is made of many awesome states. Many big and many small. This includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.

Average Temperature F: Average highs stay in the high 50s, with the exception of Oklahoma where temperatures are in the 40s.

summer in the Southern Region!

Summer: Summer in the Southern region is hot and sticky--with rain falling in the form of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall during the afternoons often throughout the summer months.

Winter: Winter months tend to be fairly mild with cool nights, particularly in areas near the Gulf of Mexico. Snowfall occurs the further north one travels in this area, with Oklahoma being the state that receives the most

Spring: Tornado Alley happens more likely in the spring which means tornados is more active in the spring.

aka death alley :(

Annual high temperature: 75.5°F

Annual low temperature: 53.6°F

Average temperature: 64.55°F

Average annual precipitation - rainfall: 54.16 inch

There is a lot of weather happening in the Southern Region, bad and good.

There are a lot of Instruments Of Climatology, some examples that climatologists use to find the climate are Barometers, Thermometer and Hygrometers.

The Weather Instruments.

Weather forecast in March in Jackson, Missisippi throughout March 7-March 11
Common weathers in the Southern Region!

This list is the historic weathers the broke RECORDS!!!

Lowest, Tulia, Feb. 12, 1899 -23°F

Seminole, Feb. 8, 1933 -23°F

Highest Seymour, Aug. 12, 1936 120°F

Monahans, June 28, 1994 120°F

Coldest Winter, 1898-1899 42.5°F

Warmest Summer, 2011 86.6°F

Greatest seasonal - Romero3 (Hartley Co.), 1923-1924 65.0 in.

Greatest monthly - Hale Center, Feb. 1956 36.0 in.

Greatest single storm - Hale Center, Feb. 2-5, 1956 33.0 in.

Greatest in 24 Hours - Follett, March 28, 2009 25.0 in.

Maximum depth on ground - Hale Center, Feb. 5, 1956 33.0 in.

Snowfalls are HUGE!!!!!

Peace Out!


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