Kendrick Lamar By:joshua watsoN

Kendrick Lamer was born on June 17, 1987, in Compton, California. Kendrick Lamar is a rapper and song writer mainly known for rapping about the things occurring in his neighborhoods of California. Many drug dealings and gang violence occurred on the streets of Compton of where Kendrick lived, but this influenced Kendrick to do good in school and his joy of writing. These pieces of writing soon turned into lyrics for songs, and began making music at the age of 16 years old going by the name k-dot. Soon he dropped the name and went to his regular name. Dr. Dre later on took Kendrick under his wing and signed him to his label. Later in his career, Kendrick Lamar went on to win many Grammys and have many more songs make the billboard top 100.

Cartoon and cereal

Now I was raised in a sandbox, next to you and her You was holding the handgun, she was giving birth To a baby boy to be just like you, I wonder what's that worth I-I wonder if you ever knew that you was a role model to me first The next day I-I woke up in the morning, seen you on the news Looked in the mirror, then realized that I-I-I had something to prove You told me "Don't be like me, just finish watching cartoons" Which is funny now cause all I see is Wile E. Coyotes in the room

The authors tone of the bridge is calm and puzzled. On the other hand the mood is gloomy and curious. In the bridge of the song he says " now I was raised in a sand box" this is comparing his home environment to a sandbox. Kendrick used the term "sand box" to show that there were times he grew up on his own without limits and restrictions. Also sand boxes at dirty , which could resemble the city of compton due to all the drug dealings and criminal activity. Another example of figuretive language, is when he states" Which is funny now cause all I see is Wile E. Coyotes in the room." In the show, wile E. coyote tries to kill the road runner with all of his weapons and traps. Since Kendrick mentioned all he saw was wile E. coyotes in the room, this proves he sees many killers in the room, which relates to gang violence and his families relationship with it.

The reason of my choice in Kendrick Lamar was, because I've always been a fan of his style of music, and mojority of his songs always give off some type of message or story to who ever listens to it. Also he is a positive role model for the people listening to his music, and influenced by him.


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