Jessica L. Henry Photography 1


In this photo I used the Macro setting on my camera. This allows you to see more detail then you could normally see in the photo. This setting also makes the life objects look bigger then they would appear in real life. You can see the red and orange pops out from the green background. The details on the leafs show even in the shadows. If you look at the bigger flower you can see the bug on the petal. If this photograph was not in the Macro setting you could not tell that the bug was on the petal. The flower shows bigger in the picture than in life itself.

Rule of Thirds

This image shows the rule of thirds and it also shows color. The focal point of the flower is shown two-thirds of the way down the picture. Although, the focal point only takes up about one-third of the canvas itself. I used the rule of thirds to place the plant as the main focal point. There are hardly any distractions. Hardly any distractions makes you focus on the purple petals. The you focus on the dark green stem.

Leading Lines

In this photo I used a pole to show leading lines. The pole makes you look upwards to see the sky. By focusing on the pole it is leading you eye to the sky. The pole and the building in the background are my vantage points. The pole is a focal point and is located about one third of the way over on the picture. The sky is a very nice blue color to have your eye lead to.


This is a portrait of Ean. I whitened his teeth to make them stand out more than they already did. I made the curtain in the background darker than it was which makes his smile stand out more also. I used the burn tool to darken his eyebrows so they were noticeable. I also burned his beard so we could see it better. There was a table in the background also that I cloned over so it wouldn’t take the attention away from him.


This photograph uses a triangle of interest. Your eyes go to the huge tree in the front, then to the tree towards the back of the photo, then towards the school building. I turned down the saturation in this photo. After that I played with the contrast to give it a better look. I gave it a little bit of a shadow as well, to make the tone of the tree top darker. The texture of the tree bark makes the tree stand out to my eyes more.

Still Life

This is a still life photograph. I slung the nail polish on the paper and dropped some on the side of the bottle to get the cool effect. I turned up the brightness to make the red nail polish come off as a brighter red color. I angled the brush to hover over a line of the nail polish. I lowered the contrast to make the bottle of nail polish shadow more visible.


Created with images by mailanmaik - "hoi an vietnam lampingons" • Nicolas Hoizey - "untitled image" • Chinh Le Duc - "untitled image" • Clement Chai - "Road side hustle" • frank mckenna - "untitled image" • Chinh Le Duc - "Someone in the crowd" • Trinity Treft - "The Bouquets of Bao Que" • Quangpraha - "united turkish rolling purple plant" • Quangpraha - "united turkish rolling purple plant" • Quangpraha - "the fishermen vietnam fishing" • quangle - "sunrise phu quoc island ocean water landscape" • Trang Nguyen - "Fishing boats against a pink sunset."

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