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What are hurricanes?

A hurricane is a natural disaster, which can cause a lot of damage to the areas which are affected. In North America and the Caribbean they are called "hurricanes", in the Indian Ocean they are called "cyclones", and in Southeast Asia they are called "typhoons". Hurricanes usually form in tropical areas, when the warm moist air rises, cooler air takes it's place. Then the cooler air will start to warm up and rise, which causes massive storm clouds to form. In a hurricane the safest place to be is the eye, which is the center of the storm, it is calm and without wind, but it moves with the rest of the storm. A hurricane itself spans up to 200 km (average) the eye of a hurricane spans around 48 km (average) but are surrounded by the most violent part of the storm... the eyewall! The eye wall surrounds the eye, with winds spinning very fast, and with the worst thunderstorms, where the most severe weather occurs. In the video next, you will see a crew of stormchasers, flying through a hurricane's eyewall and into the eye!

This is a Hurricane Category Chart, it shows you the categories of hurricanes (1-5), how much wind speeds they have, the amount of damage they can cause, and the storm surge, which is how much water the hurricane brings in with it.

This video shows the devastation that was Hurricane Katrina back in August 23- August 31, 2005 , which caused 1,836 fatalities, across the U.S. It was a Category 5 hurricane which is the top level a hurricane can reach, it's wind speeds reached up to 280km/h. It was the costliest hurricane in history with property damages up to $81 billion. It was also one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the USA, 80% of New Orleans was underwater, in some places where it reached 20ft deep.

The picture on the left shows New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina, and the picture on the right shows the immense flooding the hurricane caused, sparing a few places as you can see in the lower right corner.
The Bhola Cyclone which took place in India and Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was a cyclone (hurricane) which occurred on Nov 3, 1970, and killed 300,00-500,000 people.

I hope you have learned something from my Spark Page, hurricanes are deadly, so get to safe places, they can destroy your home, your city, and most importantly, YOU. Now we do have things that can help us against a hurricane, and weather reporters that can warn you ahead of time, but even then, it is dangerous. Thank you for reading my page!

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