Adventure at the Harn By tyler Fonzi

Medium and Technique of Artist

Champ d'avoine (Oat Field), 1890, Oil on canvas

Champ d'avoine is definitely a painting that I fully appreciated seeing in person. I really enjoy impressionist paintings and Monet does a great job in this genre. I love the concept behind impressionism -- catching the feeling and impression of a scene through blurred brushstrokes. Monet's use of quick brush strokes, to paint the feeling of the scene, is really beautiful to me. The painting makes me feel at ease, as if the only thing on my mind is the beauty of the field around me. I'm thankful for these types of genres for being able to communicate these emotions.

Design of the Museum

Asian Art Wing

An exhibit that was particular appealing to me in terms of design was the Asian Art Wing. The design of it was so appealing to me because of the way it opened out. The space opens out with two large sculptures in the middle, and art on each of the two sides and on the walls. Past the sculptures are giant windows, showing the view from the garden and letting the natural lighting in; it actually kind of feels like you've been transported to ancient Asia! The wood flooring and walls were particularly beautiful as well. All of these aspects blend coherently, making me feel amazed and astonished as I walk around in this room, and into the outside garden as well.

Art and Core Values

Family Sculpture feat. me

This piece spoke to me by invoking one of my core values, family and friends. The piece depicts a family of two abstract larger figures, and one abstract smaller figure. It shows the sentiment that families can come in all types of variety, as specific features of said family are not included. This appeals to a variety of people who find comfort in their 'family', biological or social, even if their family may not be typical or normal. This piece gives me a feeling of ease and unity, like a warm hug. It helps me better understand the importance of your family, as well as your 'extended family' aka your best friends!

Art and the Good Life

Untitled, 2001, White Bronze

I chose this piece because I believe that I could help us represent the "Sharing The Good Life" theme as well as "Seeking The Good Life" theme. This piece depicts an abstract human shape, balancing perfectly on one leg, looking as if a snapshot was taken of it while in movement. Whenever, I look at this piece, I think of humanity, how we are complex, how we are high energy, how we are spontaneous, and in short-- how amazing we are, both biologically and socially to other life on Earth. This piece embodies the human spirit, in a very abstract way. I think anyone who looks at this piece and thinks of the humanity of it, would gain a little bit of wisdom, much like Siddhartha had with the river. The artist shared this piece with us, wanting us to think, and wanting us to see the beauty and appreciate life just a little bit more. This gives me appreciate for these themes, as seeking the good life is vital for finding appreciation in life, and that sharing human experiences and emotions through art is an important aspect of getting closer to the good life.

All photos taken by Tyler Fonzi


Tyler Fonzi

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