"Hard work and heart work" improves the lives of young parent families in Ottawa Working to Reduce poverty and improve family well being

Bethany Hope Centre Christmas Outreach 2016
At Bethany, HOPE is growing

It's incredible what we can accomplish when we work together as a community that cares

"Twelve years ago, when I first joined the Bethany Hope Centre team, the team of 6 staff was small but dedicated. Today, that dedication has paid off as we have grown in size and services and are able to offer a safe, caring community environment to more than 450 young families a year. This significant growth means we can make a bigger impact but also means we have been stretched to the limit in our resources."

Executive Director Naomi Praamsma

Christmas is a time when many of us focus on the blessings we have and our desire to give back to others.

Startling Facts

But at the same time, many young families in your community struggle to meet basic needs and over 98% of the families who utilize Bethany programs are facing major economic challenges including hunger, unstable housing and inadequate education or work income.

We look to the Ottawa Community to help us make a difference in the lives of over 450 young families every year.

Startling facts

More than 58% of the youth who come through our doors every year are ready and willing to work despite being a new parent, dealing with mental health or addiction challenges and struggling with daily impacts of living in poverty.

Bethany Hope Centre helps them on that journey with education and employment or small-business opportunities.

Startling facts

An increasing number of young parents identify loneliness, depression and anxiety as major blocks to moving forward. At Bethany Hope, those young people build a sense of community, find belonging and the hope and support to improve their situation for their children.

We desperately require resources in the form of dollars, food and time to really continue making a difference in the outcomes of young children.

Startling Facts

The Ottawa Food Bank reports over 30% of their users are children, while at The Bethany Hope Centre, 100% of the families we serve are pregnant or parenting young people. Over 95% of them report relying on additional food supports to feed their families.

We are not OK with this!

Everybody Eats!

Let's strive to ensure that in Ottawa


This Christmas, is your family in a position to offer support to local children and youth?

The Salvation Army Bethany Hope Centre is ready to help improve young family well-being

With a wide variety of services, the centre offers youth an opportunity to improve their family situation and signals a new hope to children and parents across the city.

But we NEED your help to continue!

I am proud to say that we have the investment of key community stakeholders including many sponsors, donors, the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario and The Salvation Army Canada. They join us on our journey to increase the opportunities for improving the well-being of young parent families in Ottawa. Thanks for all the support that has made that possible!

However, there is still long way to go as young parents and their children need economic independence to experience real improved well-being. That means improved educational standards, permanent and meaningful work, good nutrition and health care, and healthy, safe living environments.

At Bethany, Hope is growing

We still need you, so please continue to reach out and support young families who have the same hopes and dreams that we all do. There are so many ways your family can helps ours.

Follow the link below to see how you can help.

Please send a gift this year to support the "hard work and the heart work" of the Bethany Hope Centre.

With Thanks to all our supporters

820 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K2A3V7



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