中共国通过金钱影响世界的知识份子 【中英对照翻译】

Huawei Strikes £5 Million Deal With Corona-Modelling Imperial College London


作者:Kurt Zindulka

时间:18 May 2020







Billy H.C. Kwok/Getty Images

The British university behind the doomsday coronavirus projections that resulted in the introduction of national lockdown restrictions has signed a deal with Chinese tech giant Huawei to build tech centres on its campus in West London.


Imperial College London has landed a £5 million deal with Huawei, which will sponsor research projects, the construction of new tech facilities, as well as a 5G network for the college.


“Like other UK universities, we have received support from Huawei for high-quality and open research for several years. Such funding is subject to our robust Relationship Review policies,” Imperial College London told the Mail on Sunday.


The British government has used the research and modelling conducted by the university to inform its response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.


The projections conducted by disgraced Imperial College Professor Neil Ferguson have come under increased criticism following his ousting from the government’s coronavirus response team. ‘Professor Lockdown’ resigned from his post after it was revealed he was breaking the very lockdown measures his research called for, to receive visits from his married left-wing activist lover.

失宠的帝国理工学院教授尼尔-弗格森(Neil Ferguson)在被政府的冠状病毒应对小组开除后,其所从事的项目愈发受到批评。'禁闭教授'在被揭发后,辞去了他的职位,因为他接受了其已婚左翼活动家情人的探视,这打破了他的研究所要求的禁闭措施。

Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith said that the deal between the Chinese tech firm and Imperial College was symptomatic of China’s attempt to influence the United Kingdom.


“This is a perfect example of how the Chinese strategy is to use their money to insert their influence in the world’s intellectual thought process. How ironic it is Imperial that is dealing with the fallout of Covid-19. This is a deeply worrying and dangerous relationship,” Smith said.

"这是一个完美的例子,可以说明中共国的战略是如何利用他们的钱对全世界的知识份子施加影响的。帝国理工学院应对 "covid-19 "这是多么讽刺的事情。史密斯说:"这是一种令人深感忧虑和危险的关系。"

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib echoed the sentiments against the deal, writing: “Not a great believer in conspiracy theories but this is suspicious, to put it mildly. It needs investigation.”

前脱欧党议员本-哈比布(Ben Habib)也表达了反对该协议,他写道:"我不是很相信阴谋论,但这是个可疑的事情,说得温和一点。这件事需要调查。"

China has long been charged with pushing communist propaganda on Western universities, through the Chinese Communist Party-backed Confucious Institutes. The UK has 29 Confucious Institutes on campuses throughout the country, the second-most in the world.


The ‘cultural centres’ have been accused of stifling debate in British universities, particularly when it comes to ‘sensitive’ topics for the Beijing regime, such as Taiwan and Tibet.

这些 "文化中心 "被指责扼杀了英国大学的辩论(风气),尤其是在涉及到北京政权的 "敏感 "话题时,如台湾和西藏等。

Huawei, which claims to be independent of the CCP, has been at the centre of a growing controversy in the UK, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to allow the tech firm to help build the nation’s 5G network.

在英国首相鲍里斯-约翰逊(Boris Johnson)决定允许这家科技公司帮助建设英国的5G网络后,自称独立于中共的华为在英国引起了越来越大的争议。

The government has said that Huawei will only have access to the “periphery” of the network. However, critics, including the United States, have warned that Huawei has the capability of building backdoor access into its systems that could be used for Chinese espionage.

政府曾表示,华为将只能访问网络的 "外围"。不过,包括美国在内的批评者警告说,华为有能力在其系统中建立可用于中共国的间谍活动的后门

Earlier this month, Breitbart London reported that the U.S. is reviewing the status of all military and intelligence assets in the UK to see if they should be removed from the country as a result of the Huawei deal.


In April, Sir Simon McDonald, the Foreign Office’s permanent undersecretary, said that the British government had made a “firm decision” to allow the Chinese company to help build the network.

今年4月,英国外交部常任副部长西蒙-麦克唐纳爵士表示,英国政府已经做出了 "坚定的决定",允许中共国公司帮助建设网络。

A spokesman for Huawei said: “We are pleased to be working with Imperial to explore how new technologies can bring economic and social value through collaboration.”