Redwood Regional Park (Trails: East ridge > Canyon > Stream > mill valley/French > West Ridge) oakland, ca

The East Bay has some of the most dog friendly trails, in my opinion, and what could be better than walking amongst giant redwood trees? NOTHING.

Except maybe if there was snow, too 😀

The Redwood Regional Park has the largest remaining natural stand of coast Redwood trees found in the East Bay.

With 1,830 acres the park is open for lots of different recreational activities: hiking/running, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping/bbq-ing. There's even a children's playground by one of the staging areas, and since the park is so big there are many different ways to enter. We started at Skyline staging area.

East Ridge Trail: 2.94m

The trail starts off exposed and as hard packed dirt. This time there were goats. Mom always gets nervous when I'm around livestock. I approached the fence very carefully to get a better sniff but then I touched the fence...

Can you guess what happened? ⚡️

If you want to do a shorter loop, you can turn off at Prince Trail which is at 1.26 miles, but just be careful because there are no signs so you may want track your mileage to be sure. We actually missed it which is why we ended up doing a 7 mile hike instead of 4 miles.

Canyon Trail: 0.44 miles

This part of the trail is downhill, getting closer to water and deeper into the forest. The air gets a bit cooler and the trail gets a bit softer. Bidam and I like to run a lot and we kick up a lot of dust! It's like we're running so fast no one can see us!

This is also approaching the turn around point at Canyon Meadow Staging Area, where there are picnic tables, a playground, trash bins, bathrooms and water fountains. Mom and Jade were really happy since the bathrooms were real bathrooms. I don't know what all the fuss is about and why you can just lift a leg like I do.

Even if you think you have enough water - definitely refill here because the rest of the way back is all uphill and the stream won't always have running water.

We didn't see any, but this is also appears to be a more popular horseback riding area (there were signs), and convenient horse "parking" areas. Mom puts carabiners on any of my leashes that don't already have them or other types of hooks. It comes in handy when she has to make me wait outside of shops when walking around the city, and I guess it can come handy when hiking too.

Stream Trail: 1.25 miles

Starting from this point is Mom's favorite part of the hike. Even though this starts off as a leash only area, the air becomes a lot cooler, smells like forest, and of course, lots of big trees!

I know lots of parks say on leash only, and then when you get there we're all running around, but this is one area where EVERYONE follows the rule because the stream and its banks are all wildlife protected areas undergoing restoration. And it's not just us that aren't allowed near the streams, even the humans!

If you want to stay along the stream (Stream Trail runs throughout the park) then just know it's a well formed trail and dogs will have to stay on leash the entire time. We didn't mind being on leash since we had been running around and were already pooped.

Sometimes I just don't want to sit.

Natural patterns

And upwards we go...

Natural agility course

At this point we're heading back north so there's some elevation here. It's not too bad - yet.

Mill Valley to French Trail: 2.22 miles

Get ready to climb.

French trail is perhaps the most magical. We get to jump over roots, over a stream, climb over rocks, and run through lots of switchbacks. It's also the most steep.

2 curly tails

Hey, what are you doing down there?

Hurry up humans!

Trail signs are only sometimes clear so make sure to pay attention. At the French trail - Tres Sendas intersection the signs aren't clear; make sure to hang left (even though it says Tres Sendas) to stay on French trail.

By the time we got to the end of French trail I was so tired I stopped running altogether.

West Ridge Trail: 0.56 miles

This is the home stretch. It becomes more exposed and harder packed trails. I didn't think it could get any hotter - and it did.

This brings you back to Skyline Staging area where you can catch your breath and drink some water. I just headed straight for the car and jumped in.

Another thirsty pup

We started hiking around 7:15am and managed to find a spot but there weren't that many left. By the time we finished it was sometime around 12pm and the lot was completely full. People usually park along the street if there aren't any spaces, so just make sure to start early or later in the day after the crowds. This park gets extremely busy.

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking
  • Yes, this is an off-leash area (with designated on leash areas)
  • No, this not a fenced enclosure
  • Yes, there are doggy (and human) water fountains at staging areas
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • Yes, there are trash bins at staging areas (otherwise it's pack in/pack out)
  • Yes, there are benches (along East Ridge Trail and West Ridge Trail)
  • Yes, there are toilets at staging areas

🐾 Caesar

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