Water world And water Cycle

The water is holding water particals in it that might stay there forever.

The water is holding particals in it that move around and that shows that the water is moveing because the water particals make the water move.

The cloud is upset at the water droplets so she made them fall down to the ground.

The cloud is looking like it is mad at the water dropletes, brother water and the sister sparkle.
Sparkle was making the cloud mad at her so the cloude made the water broplets and there parents fall off her and was pulle down by gravity so they fall all over the world.

The water droplet changed because it fell in the water whent into a lake fell in a houl and then it stared to rain then the water droplet was lifted back up into the clouds but the clouds whanted payback so they made the water broplete mad and fall into the water.

The water is hiting the water and becoming apart of the world until it vaparats back up in the sky to fall again.

The water particals ended up in the ocean with big and huge fishes and others thing in the ocean.

The water droplets met this fish.

Water was eatin by a fish the fish missed sparkle, while the fish was swimming away sparkle was screaming in pain "noooooo brother come back please".

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