William Carey by: Jaden Kenney

William Carey was born on August 17, 1761 in Paulerspury, United Kingdom.
His Father was Edmund Carey who was a schoolteacher and his mother was Elizabeth Carey. He grew up in a small remote village with 4 siblings including Ann Hobson Carey, Thomas Carey, Mary Carey and 1 other brother.
As a young child William apprenticed a shoemaker and was raised in an Anglican Church environment.
William Carey finished schooling at age 12 and took up his first job as a shoemaker. Soon after he had the passion to be a cobbler and worked his own shop.
The young pastor desired to give his whole life to ministry and attended a prayer meeting on February 10 that changed his life. However, his first attempt at mission work was failed so he returned to being a cobbler for a bit.
He was appointed missionary to Calcutta, India in 1769 and in the same year baptized a Portuguese, his first convert. He then moved to Serampore, India with his wife and 6 children, 3 of which they lost on January 10, 1800.
While in Serampore, he was elected professor of Sanskrit and Bengali languages.
William published the new testament in Sanskrit, Marathi, and Punjabi. He also published the Old Testament in Sanskrit. He later opened the Serampore college in India.
His legacy left behind due to work was that he inspired a worldwide missionary movement of the 19th century.
Quotes: "expect great things; attempt great things" "I can persevere to any divine pursuit" "Multitudes sit at ease and give themselves no concern about their fellow sinners, who to this day, are lost in ignorance and idolatry"
His favorite verse was: So that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.- 2 Timothy 3:17 and
Awards or achievements include: Elected professor of language. Has his own display at St. James church in Paulspury, Northhamptonshire. Church in Moulton named in honor of him. Angus Library holds an archive display of letters written by him.
Other interesting facts: By the age of 31, William had become fluent in Latin, Greek, Dutch, Hebrew, French, English, and some Bengali languages. William was a preacher before his baptism. Total, William had 6 children but 3 of them died.
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