Bees Playing Soccer?

Summary: Some scientists started teaching bees to play soccer. Once they saw one bee get a "goal", and get a reward for it, other bees started doing it immediately. The bees were also very smart about their task, and when there were multiple balls, the bees would get the closest one to make their work easier.

Vocabulary: Reward is an important word that is needed to know about the article. A reward is a thing given in recognition of one's service, effort, or achievement which is a noun. The bees adapted and learned to make a "goal" to receive a reward. Adapt means to become adjusted to new conditions and the word is a verb.

This is not realistic to the expirament, but it still shows an example of a real-life version. The bees play with smaller balls, obviously.

Opinion: My opinion on this is that this experiment is amazing. This experiment could be used on other animals. I once did something like this with my dog when we were teaching het "high five". My mom said high five to me and I high fives her my mom gave me a chip. My dog saw this and she did the same thing to get a treat.

Halley Steinmetz, February 13 2017, Period 7



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