Apartheid Gracie Taylor

An apartheid is a system of segregation because of race. An apartheid is like the Jim Crow Laws. Like in document 3 they have laws about what the blacks can't do.

Describe what it was like to live under an apartheid: You would not have been allowed to date someone of a different color. If you were white, you met other white people. Schools, cinemas, restaurants and even public transport were all segregated. In document 2 they show the statistics between blacks and whites and the whites had better living conditions.

Why is it important to know what apartheid was: It is important because if we know what happened we can stop it from happening again. In document 4 it shows a picture of the Sharpville Massacre and if we know about this apartheid a massacre like this won't happen again.

Compare apartheid to an another injustice: Israel war is like the South Africa apartheid because Israel is discriminating against people different than them.Educate yourself on the truth about the war. American could boycott Israeli products and certain brands that support Israel’s apartheid. in document 4 they talk how many people died in the massacre and a lot of people are dying in Israel's war.

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