O-Clasp Or, O-beads make clasping easy

When I first saw Linda's idea for using an 8-0 or 6-0 to make a nice clasp attachment, I knew I was not going back to threaded loops-o'-seed-beads ever again. It's less likely to fail (no split ring fraying your thread, or wire slipping through a jump ring slot) and so nice and neat looking.

I love it when it works, but I often have a hard time finding a suitable bead/jump ring combo. Maybe my stash of 6-0s is lousy ;-) Anyhow, recently it occurred to me that the spiffy new O-beads might work even better, and for me, they sure do. They even look sort of like a glass jump ring....

You'll need one clasp, two O-beads, and two jump rings that fit through the O-beads and the attachment ends of the clasp. I've had good luck with 8:20 niobium rings from Spider. They're a nice size and if you have a few color assortments (fire? water! peacock... so hard to decide...) it's easy to find a pair that look nice with your beadwork.

What you'll need: 1 clasp, 2 jump rings, 2 O-beads

Assemble the two clasp ends thusly:

Clasp Ends Ready to Go

...and then just string on the O-bead end of the clasp assembly wherever it's appropriate in your strand.

Instant Claspage

The only real difference to Linda's method (near as I can tell) is using an O-bead instead of a bigger seed bead. I've also been thinking that Superduos or Rullas might make a really good end bead--sew through one hole and put a jump ring through the other--but I haven't tried that. Yet....

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