paperclips the clips that hold humanity together.

These are colored paperclips. These are the happy paper clips. They're lives have been fulfilled.
These.. these are normal, gray paperclips. They're just normal. Nothing special about these guys.

This.. this right here needs to change.. these.. normal, gray, dull, unsatisfying paper clips are what is wrong with humanity. Where's the color?!

Every day people are using them. Using these poor uncolored paperclips. Where's the color!?

What we need.. Is to color these dull paperclips! We, America, North America, The World. We need to spend billions of dollars to color ALL of these paperclips.

Here's the color! This is what we need to change paperclips into. Colored. Pretty. Beautiful. :D

So.. Together.. We will change ALL the paperclips to these pretty, beautiful, lovely, colorful paperclips!


Created with images by moritz320 - "paperclip office metal" • robef - "Paperclips" • B_Me - "paper clip office stationery" • geralt - "paperclip tacks many" • AlexanderStein - "paperclip clip office"

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