It All Began in a Garden Patti Frostad - Clematis & Delphinium

Another visit to Patti Frostad's garden this time focusing on her Clematis and Delphinium collections.

This luscious clematis has graced the front gate for years, displaying it's colourful blossoms to all who enter the garden.

Pinkish purple...

more pink than purple...

and more purple than pink.

So many shades of blue in the delphiniums.
Not your usual variety of clematis
Almost electric blue delphinium.
The bush clematis popping their heads up.

I missed shooting Mrs. Robert Brydon at her peak, perhaps I will do better next year, but I wanted to share anyway because it is such a lovely clematis. She's a late bloomer, at her best in September when so much of our gardens are fading. I would love to know the story of how this beauty came by it's name.

Mrs. Robert Brydon with a painted lady sharing lunch in the warm September sun.
This elegant delphinium taken years apart but one of July 23 and the other on July 24.
Tucked away or in full view, early blooming or late, the clematis in Patti's garden are absolutely lovely.
Created By
Cathy Bennington


C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography