DROP The story of a rain drop

I am medrop.

I have been here since, I don't even remember. Life has changed. A lot. I have no brain, so it's hard to remember stuff.

I fell for my first time.

It is very hard. I stayed in the soil surface for 400 years then slowly moved to ground water only to stay there for a long time. Moving on I finally moved to the lake, another 200 years, just to go to a river, leading to the groundwater. Then lake. It took me about 300 years just to get to evaporate. I was almost as slow as a snail traveling from Texas to Montana.

It was terrible. This guy kept saying "ook". His beard was down to his knees and his eyes looked like owl pellets. To be honest he looked like cousin it. Afterwards I traveled to soil surface again. Another 400 years. It took me 340 years to get to the lake, but it was worth it. I met a guy named dropem. He was cool.

" Hey how do you get to the waterfall?" Said Dropem. And that's how we met. But when I got to the waterfall, I noticed he has been in the ground water for ages and ages, so it was his first time falling off a waterfall. His eyes were closed and he was as pale as ice.

This is Georgeington III.

" Georgington! That will be your new name." I said.

"But that's not my-"

I glared at him and he immediately shut his mouth. After a while we reached the lake again.

"Phew." I sighed. " that was terrifying."

"Yeah." George said.

" well what now?"

It's been 2000 years since we met. But us water droplets don't notice. Every year is a minute to us. Tats been about 33 hours we have known each other.

The water was pretty muddy... we couldn't see a thing.these baby alligators kept passing us and eating the other raindrops whole, like a new Godzilla.

Yeah. We were terrified.

"Will we live?" Asked georgington III

"Of course. Water never dies!" I replied.

"You sure?"


All of a sudden, a HUGE alligator(we are assuming the mama) opened her mouth and swam straight toward us.

"AHHH!" We screamed.

"DROPEM!" I shouted as George escaped.

So this was it. We depart here. Only 2200 years together.

Medrop is still in the alligators bloodstream, waiting to get out. As for George, he has a new life working in the lake as a part time comedian.

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