Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History Laura Quinn

Nature on Display

The South Florida ecosystem exhibits were my favorite exhibits to walk through. The detail was incredible, and as a native south Floridian (who is also a biology major), I appreciated this tremendously. In the mangrove areas, if you looked closely, you could see small automated crabs moving from side to side. In the fake water, you could see fish and other animals. I felt like I was really in the environment. If the exhibit had been less detailed, it would not have captured the beauty that is in a mangrove or any other ecosystem.


Nature and Ethics

Extinction Gallery

When nature and ethics are discussed, it is impossible to avoid the relationship between humans and our environment. Whether we intend to or not, our actions have consequences that affect wildlife and important ecosystems globally. Our actions have actually triggered a mass extinction; to put this into perspective, the last mass extinction occurred when the dinosaurs were wiped out. People believe they can stand by because they are not directly affected by it, but this rapid loss of biodiversity will have major consequences if not stopped (as will climate change). It is our responsibility as a human race to fix the problems we create. I think that collectively this exhibit made people think more about the future as they observed the past.

Nature and the Human Spirit

South Florida People and Environments

This display is a mini presentation of the daily life of a Floridian tribe. Even though it was small and hidden, it stood out to me because of its incredible attention to detail. The biodiversity above and below the water is phenomenally portrayed despite its miniature size. There are fish, sharks, horseshoe crabs, and various plants. The details of the tribe’s canoes, fish traps, and everyday objects are impressive as well. This display helped me to visualize their lives and living as one with nature. It is awe-inspiring to think that humans and other animals could live together this way in harmony, as it should be.

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