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Oh wow, just finished watching the DM class 1. It was very informative. I am a bit apprehensive about my web experience, but I'll try.

Our first assignment is to create a head shot. Well 3 different in total. This sucks! I hate pic of myself. Especially selfies. Oh well, break out the digital camera.

It was explained that in Europe they expect you to have your pic on your résumé and CV. We don't do this in the US. I was taught that this is uncouth and a bit amateurish for professionals in the graphic design world. A strong trademark or a personal logo is best for an identity. It shows your talent more than a pic of yourself. After all business & corporations don't use the owner or CEO face as an identity.

I will never understand how your face is your "personal brand" on a portfolio webpage. I think if your face is not appealing, you will get judged negatively. What if you're plain ugly or the wrong color or sex?

I did it! I have a head shot. Still I don't want to use it on my resume

Class Assignment 2

Create a CV or resume

Things picked up around here so I haven't paid attention to my resume assignment. I did the workshops, however. My husband gave me some CVs that he got from some graphic design applicants. He had a lot of criticism for this new concept of a resume.

  1. Legitabilty - He didn't want to read it.
  2. The use of a skills graphic. I.e. Illustrator 50% (with a cute bar chart) He pointed one applicant that had a BS in graphic and multimedia design, but the design skills graphic illustrates "WEB DESIGN 60% and GRAPHIC DESIGN 60%. What does this mean? And why would I hire someone that doesn't have 100% design skills for a design position? He has a point.
  3. Lack of creativity. It seems that every follows the same couple of formats as everyone else.

I don't know what's with me, but I have absolutely no ambition to do this assignment. I have a really cool idea for it. It's Monday and I got nothing.

Design skills

I did have an idea for the look. So I'm doing research now to try to pull it off. I still don't agree about the staged head shot..

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