Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler Pfifer blackman and setah alavi

Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755- July 12, 1804)


Washington's right hand man

51 Federalists papers

Death by Aaron Burr

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (August 9, 1757-November 9, 1854)

Born into wealth and was looked at as a prize

Helped Alexander with his Federalists papers while holding a stable household

Opened the first private orphanage in New York City

Moved to Washington D.C. after her husbands death the carry his legacy

MEETING: Party in George Washington's headquarters in Morristown, NJ (February 1, 1780)

Introduced by Angelica

Married within a year on Dec. 14, 1780

Married for 24 years until Alex's untimely death

Philip (January 22, 1782)

Angelica (September 25, 1784)

Alexander Jr. (May 16, 1786)

James Alexander (April 14, 1788)

Fanny Artil (Adopted at 2)

William Stephen (August 4, 1777)

Elizabeth (November 20, 1799)

Philip (after dead Phillip; June 1, 1802)


Affair with Maria Reynolds

Philip's death


Long-distance relationship

Philips death

Reynolds Pamphlet

Hamilton's Legacy

Federalist Papers

American Independence

Trading charters at 14

USA's first financial plan

Eliza's Legacy

Washington's Farewell address

First Private Orphanage in New York City

Rasied 756 kids

Defended Hamilton's legacy

Loving wife and devoted mother

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