THE SUNKEN TRUTH The debut studio project by The American Hotel System

The American Hotel System is a rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The melding of hard rock, americana, and folk, The American Hotel System has a diverse musical range. Once described as 'socio-political rock', they aim to provoke the mind through heartfelt lyrics and intentional musicality while exploring themes of love, loneliness, and politics

"This is a project for the hopeless. An opus of love for those who feel alone. A soliloquy of sound for the ears of the secluded."


"These songs have grown with me and acted as a sounding board for my journey in navigating the socio-political climate that I've been surrounded by over the last few years. From my lamentations when this world seems hopeless ('A Game Of Shattered Symbols'), the meaningless debates I engage with ('Deaf Ears'), and the constant bombardment of headlines from the news media ('Talk, Inc'), these songs have grown alongside me and come out of the places of my soul that ache from seeing the daily decay of our nation.

So often I find myself googling headlines and refreshing my browser for the latest and greatest gossip of the day. I've put many hours of my life into absorbing the headlines of the day to fuel my personal propaganda machine...but that's not what I desire my life to reflect.

My daily existence is designed for something greater than spewing out the lines I've read into the echo-chamber of my social media stream. These songs are a battle cry against my temptation to be engulfed into the meaningless babble that distracts me from living to my fullest.

I don't need no "vocal supply co." to speak for what my life's about."

-Jacob Betts, September 2018


"If Volume One is a top down commentary on western society, Volume Two is the inward reflection of personal struggle in these post-modern times. From a word of wisdom against the follies of a misspent youth ('Revelation'), an encouragement that we're never alone ('Vagrant') these songs are an offering of vulnerability and encouragement to those who are in a sea of loneliness.

I've never struggled with sharing my opinions; they come out quite loosely. I do struggle, however, with being transparent with my emotions; They're the ones I try to bury. From domestic abuse ('Lori's Song') to selfish pride ('21st'), Volume Two deals with difficult topics that I share in an effort to keep myself in check.

I wrote the opening lines of 'Vagrant' nearly 5 years ago at the end of my first semester of college while in the midst of a deep depression. I felt like my life was on autopilot as I lived through interactions of artificiality trying to conceal the darkness inside. As I sat on the sidewalk, the moon obscured by the artificial glow of the lamppost above, I felt truly alone for the first time in my life. It seemed as if those around me were living fruitful and vibrant lives and I was left deserted in a tide of sorrow. In the midst of this divide, I found a hope that reawakens life; the realization that love is stronger than any fears of doubts that I have. When I feel like I’m on shaky ground, the arms of the greatest love are there to catch me even before I fall. I hope that these songs can offer the same encouragement to those who listen.

This is a project for the hopeless. An opus of love for those who feel alone. A soliloquy of sound for the ears of the secluded."

-Jacob Betts, June 2019

"I'm letting go, down from my throne, 'cuz I'll never know what my life could be in this twenty-first century" - 21st


On December 13, 2019, The American Hotel System released their debut full length album, 'The Sunken Truth', which is the culmination of five years of writing, playing, and living in contemporary America.

The Sunken Truth - Available December 13, 2019

"Oh say, can't we see how life's gonna' be if we don't stop before it's too late? How proudly we hail through our rose colored veil that entitlement makes a land great." - The Breakdown

"Love is stronger than the fears and doubts inside. My homesick heart found refuge in the tide. Love is stronger than the fears and doubts inside. Yeah, I found hope in the midst of the divide." - Vagrant

"As I go forward continuing my vagrant journey, I seek new things to understand - new treasures of wisdom in the deep; I seek the sunken truth." - Revelation

"I'm looking left and right, but both wings are bleeding and neither one will fly while the fists are swinging." - Talk, Inc

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