CHS Covid-19 Caregiver Update April 13, 2020

Laptop Pick-up

If you missed the chance at picking up a laptop on Monday, you can stop by the Main Office tomorrow (Tuesday) from 8:00-3:00.
Please call ahead to the Main Office at 563.243.7540 Ext 1182 so we can have one ready to go for you.

Items Needed

  1. Parent or Guardian present with a state-issued ID
  2. Will be asked to sign a consent form
  3. Please bring your own pen to sign the form!

Consent Forms/ Operation Manual

Click the buttons below

Wi-Fi Hot-spots

To try to help as much as possible in this time of need, CHS (and all school buildings) will have limited wifi available in parking lots! CHS' best spot is in the West parking lot, behind the football fields

Reminder of online learning setting is school!

Our session is considered as if we are in “class”, a school learning environment, and are subject to school/classroom policies and procedure.

We are subject to the “Appropriate Use” School Board policy: (Click the button below)

Best practices:

When in a group and just listening, please mute your video and audio.

Unmute video and audio when you engage in conversation.

Locate yourself/computer with a bare wall directly behind you in a quiet location.

Your teacher will be the last person to exit the session.

office hours

Each teacher has posted daily "office hours" where students can enter a live question and answer session with their teacher. The button below indicates when they are.

Locker Clean Out

CHS students, Interested in getting items from your locker? Take this brief survey that will help us get you your items faster. Parents, tell your students to get on their email accounts to take the survey, that is the ONLY way they can take the survey is if they are logged into it!
The survey will be open until Wednesday morning, after then, CHS Administration will develop a schedule that will allow windows of time to come gather your belongings. (We really help there isn't anything too stinky in them!)

Seniors: Graduation Survey

We hate to even think about not having graduation in Yourd Gym in May, however, we want to get your feedback on what you might want to do if we are not allowed in large groups during this time.
Please take this short survey on what you feel is best, just so we have an idea on what you would like to do.

seniors! Graduation gown and pick-up! Thank you to Jostens for making this happen!

Packet Pick up

For students engaging in learning that is not taking place online, the Main Office is open 8-3 Monday through Thursday and 8-12 on Friday.
Please call ahead if you are coming to pick your work, so it can be organized and ready for you upon your arrival.
Visitors will be asked to stay in the main vestibule and to use the call button. We will come to you!

Hopefully, there were minimal problems today for the Royal Army with logging in and getting in to some classes. We want to thank all of our caregivers and students for your patience and understanding as we work through this new system. This is very difficult to be away from our students, on so many different levels. We will continue to strive to meet the needs of all students as we move forward. If you have questions about work, please reach out to the corresponding teacher and give them 24 hours to respond. There is a lot for all of us to balance! THank you for your understanding!