Persephone's Flowers The Best Buisness Shop There Is

Hello, I'm Persephone the CEO and I'm here to welcome and tell you about my flower shop.

FIrst off, are greenhouse is well made with the perfect environment for blossoms. We include a perfect temperature in the house along with other substantial needs for the plants. The manager of these plants inside the house is Demeter, my mother. Then my father, Zeus is the CFO. The security for the whole property is Melinoe, my daughter. Melinoe fits perfect for the position because she's the goddess of ghosts. Thus, she can scare away people.

We have large varietys of flowers. You can probably find any flower you need.

Even though this is a flower business we decided to put in pomegranates because I feel very strongly about them and they still involve in spring growth. We also chose them instead of some banana because it is my symbol.

We even have dark and gloomy flowers mainly because I feel that way when I'm in the underworld with Hades. Hades, my husband is the advisor of these dark and gloomy plants.

The flowers we have are said to lighten your mood and relieve stress.

We grow are own flowers naturally on are fields. The fields we have can also be viewed and looked at as long as you don't step on or mess up any of the plants. However if you accidently, Melinoe my daughter will make sure you have a miserable rest of your day.

Because of our large fields of flowers the prices are cheap making are shop the best to shop at. Not only that but as being Persephone I am the goddess of spring growth and vegetation meaning I let the flowers have the best growth and the best blossoms. To conclude, the prices of any flower is $.099 and pomegranates are $1.50.


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