Florida The best place

You know that florida is the best place that ive ever been. I love this place because its like if you can do anything you wanna do. And this is my home and where i grew up and i love it here and i never want to leave this place. My parents always told me to go explore the world. But i told them that i want to stay here with them and injoy my life with them and my family.

One day me my mom and dad are going to have a house like this. Because my father he is a very bright man and he loves what he does. Like one day he said that he was going to build a big treehouse for me amd he did because he was a man of his word. But i never went in there without my family. Because if i go up there by my self its like if i didnt want them to be with me, but their my parents so i would always go up there with them.

This photograph reminds me of when me and my brothers would always go outside and throw the keys and play a game where we would find the keys were ever we threw them.

I love this view because this was the first time that i went somewhere beautiful with my family because it was my birthday and they wanted to do something special for me and i love thelm so much for doing something like that for me.

This is just like when i used to go to puerto rico and walk the mountains with my family because we always loved to do things like that it felt like if we were born to do thimgs like that and i just had that adrenaline when ever i did things like that with my family.

This reminds me of the time when i went to my great grandmas house and her house was pretty big for and elderly person and i would live in that house without leaving because inside of the house it was like you were living a rich life.

This reminds me of when i went to Alaska and it was super cold. But i still loved being in Alaska because i have never been anywhere that cold. And my parents told me that i was going to get sick but i just ignored them because i loved it over there it was the best place i ever went to.

Flowers like these are my grandmas favorite. Because she loves her flowers and the rest after this. And they remind me of her because my grandmother is such a beautiful woman. And oneday i wish i can be like her.


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